Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Mike, Grown & Sexy Edition

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For once, the girls seem to be thinking with their brains and immediately distrust Mona’s “friend,” Leslie, when she waltzes into town. But that’s pretty much the only thing they got right! Let’s see what else happened.


“Can’t you feel the police vibrations coming at you through the phone?” Hanna gets the best lines and she gets to do the most. We know who the writers’ favorite is! And she should be.
Hanna Suspicious

Hanna gives the best bitch please/don’t trust you/I look suspicious face all wrapped into one.

Her waves also looked beyond #flawless the whole episode. And since she is a super genius, she found the major clue-a tape in Mona’s book. Recently suspended Holbrook tried to assault her too!
Holbrook Bitch Fit
He was definitely channeling his own deranged version of Humbert Humbert as he blamed Ali for him not being able to think with his big brain around her. Hanna hit him where it hurts and for that, she’s winning.


Spencer and her Olivia Benson look-a-like mama got into it over Spencer not telling her about the schools she got into. Her mom said something to her about her getting her future straightened out and Spencer said something that sounded clever but upon reflection was actually really dumb about seeing a chiropractor about that. Spencer gave some good outrage face but mama prep princess was having none of it. Spencer also hung out with her artist in residence, Johnny, as he made a secrets machine.

“I’m whimsical but I never kid.”

Really bro?? If this guy is supposed to be her new love interest then I just can’t. He talks like Dr. Seuss, has the energy of Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka, and just is not Cadet Toby hot. No. Just no.


Aria was at her best last night, meaning that she didn’t really do anything or speak! Her main concern was MMM for once so she followed him. But she’s an incompetent spy, as we all know by now, and he saw her and flipped out.


Remember that old school jam “Return of the Mack?” Well, that’s what it was like when our boy Magic Mike Montgomery aka MMM came back! Where has he been?? All my lifeeeeeeeee (sing-talked in my best Rihanna voice.) Something’s definitely going on with our teenage hottie, since he may or may not be helping Ali. Doesn’t really make any sense if he, given that she might have killed his true love but, who cares??

We need any reason to get MMM on screen and looking his pissed off finest.

He also flipped the eff out when he saw that new Leslie chick with Mona’s copy of an Edgar Allen Poe book. He flipped out a lot in this episode, but rage suits him. Keep doing you, boo.


Emily was concerned about her creepy new girl thing, Talia. There’s something off about that woman.
Emily Seduced
Don’t know if that scene of her tying Emily’s apron was sexy or scary but I’ll go for a mixture of the two. Emily is just not concerned with helping her friends solve any mysteries and her lack of usefulness is amazing.

Magic Mike XXL Poster And Channing Tatum Six Pack [PHOTO]
Magic Mike XXL Poster And Channing Tatum Six Pack [PHOTO]
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