Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Burns, Blood, & Brits Edition


We’re almost to the end of this season, so it was time for the girls to right some wrongs.


Soooooo, Spencer can’t get in to any college in the US that’s any good but she can interview at Oxford. Yes, yes righttttttt. Her mother just called up Wren, Melissa’s sometime boyfriend and he was able to get her an interview with an old professor. So, off to London with this girl!
Mr. British

But London was a joy purely for the bizarro flatmate of Melissa’s, Colin.

As soon as he met her, he did that “cute” British thing of telling her all the words Americans use wrong. But at least a feeling of cultural superiority explains his pretentiousness rather than whatever Jonny had going on, which was nothing. She had a panic attack after she bombed her interview because of a broken vial of blood in her bag and he calmed her down. Really playing into that, “keep calm and carry on” Brit mindset. See what you did there, PLL.


Spin Cycle Ali
She’ssssssssss baccccckkkkkkkkkk! (Read that in your best Jack Nicholson voice.) Now that the girls realize that she didn’t murder Mona, they feel bad for not believing her and all but Hanna went and told her as much. She got a lot of visitors including an angry Ms. Hastings but most of the time they showed Ali she was staring at laundry machines or writing in dust-covered tables.
Mona told everything

I think the jail could stand to take a page from OITNB and put her on a cleaning crew; probably a better use of her time.


She didn’t really have much to do this week but her presence is always a gift. She’s the only one who didn’t visit Ali since the last time she saw her, she went off on the old girl and called her a murderer/liar. Of course now we know Ali’s just a liar. But still. Hanna isn’t one to be fake. The rest of the episode, she assisted Aria on that hospital visit to Cyrus, and she didn’t even try to pretend that she was happy for her mom’s engagement. What a daughter. But she did manage the most emotional moment when she finally visited Ali and the mean girl apologized for being a mean girl. Not exactly besties, but it’s a start.


No girl on this show can successfully end a relationship after one break-up. While Emily isn’t exactly with Sketchy Chef, she’s letting the woman live in her house, since Emily lives alone now. Sketchy Chef told her husband the truth about her feelings for Emily and the two separated.
emily dancing

She was dancing to “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” very subtle choice

I’m still not for this relationship in the slightest, but I guess they want us to believe she cares about Emily since she gave some passionate speech about the justice system to the pageant ladies who tried to hold our girl back. Blackmailing pageant people seems like the best way to say I love you.


Now that her brother is on the line, and Fitz no longer takes up all her brain space, Aria has become a little detective.
Aria outfit

She also got back to dressing like a weirdo, see-through suspender skirt anyone?

She got Veronica to give her legal advice for a one dollar retainer, and lo and behold, Ms. Hastings told her that Mike would be in a ridiculous amount of trouble for holding back information. In her fit of usefulness, she also found out that ‘A’ really roughed up Ali’s former henchman, Cyrus, and now he’s in the burn unit and can only say “Varjack.”

Bad day for him.

But it was a good day for Aria because Andrew seems to be stalking her, and he wrapped up her twisted ankle after she fell off Mike’s weight bench that ‘A’ tampered with.
tear kisses

The two later shared a tear soaked kissed. Andrew knows how to seduce a girl when she’s down.

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