Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: The Bin of Sin

This week the girls continue to face the future while the past still haunts them. That sounds deep but it’s pretty much what happens every week on the show. Let’s see how they handled it:


“I’m getting the feeling that you think he’s available, and he’s not.” Ooooh, Emily read that new waitress lady, Talia aka “Just me and my apples.” There’s something that’s just so off about this woman. It was obvi that they brought her on the show to spice up Emily’s life now that bland Paige is gone but this woman is just trying to a busybody nuisance. Her presence irks me. Otherwise that, Emily just tagged along and the other girls do have to be thankful that she’s there since she saved them from dying in a freezer. Emily, you are a useful useless person.


Nag does not look good on Toby. This whole season he’s been on Spencer’s case to “do the right thing, leave the murder investigation to the police, pass high school” blah blah blah. He thinks just because he’s playing “Police Academy” he gets to tell her what to do. Lady Detective called him on his inflated sense of civil servantry (that’s a word, Scout’s honor) “You have been a cop for all of six minutes.” She’s finally telling him that it’s inapprops that he’s working on the case.

StuckFrozen: PLL Edition

But of course, Spencer doesn’t listen to Toby and she goes traipsing off into A’s lair in an abandoned ice cream factory to find Mona’s computer. If I had a dollar for every time these girls stumbled willingly into a horror movie setting. Her ass almost got frozen, and not in the the fun “Let It Go” sense. Hanna later chewed her out for Toby’s behavior, and like a good WASP she stood by her man. Too bad he’s actually avoiding her since he doesn’t want to tell her what they found in the barrel. This couple doesn’t seem long for this world.


Dang, I don’t think Ezra realized how much shade he was throwing at Aria when he told her that Jackie must not have read her application since she got into Talmudge. What kind of grades did this girl make that no one believes she could get into second tier school? You know, if this was any other high school show, she’d have a guidance counselor cheering her on. But since this is PLL, they’d probably just have a hot one trying to sleep with her.
Anyway, she came clean to Ezra about the letter she wrote blaming him for her lackluster grades and he pretended to be all cool about it. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from six seasons of this show, it’s that Ezra is anything but cool. He kinda tried to break-up with her but Aria can’t ever do the decent thing, her brain doesn’t function that way.

Aria#missedopporunities #wheredidmyyouthgo?


Hanna is not a forensic expert as told her to by Caleb but I say that Hanna is like Barbie, and if there’s something she wants to do, then dammit she can do it! She took all the fortitude to go on the interwebs and look up how to clean up a crime scene. She is not trying to go to jail and don that horrible jumpsuit. ¬†Caleb pretended to think she was crazy for all of ten seconds before deciding to help her. Swoon. He is just everything good about this show.

Crime SceneCrime clean up by Hanna

They didn’t get a chance to find out what was in the barrel since Toby and Lady Detective showed up though. But it was cute to watch them break into the storage unit. I could watch them do that all day especially since Hanna did none of the work and just complained about having to pee.


No feature of Ali yet again but they are still playing around with Jason trying to get with Ms. Marin. He seems hella desperate to get at her, so their hook-up must have been pretty explosive. He’s definitely giving his best “The Boy Next Door” all he needed to do was ask her about her cookies.

Jason“I love your cookies.”¬†


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