Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Fresh Meat

Last night’s episode was one of those that reminded us that oh yeah, these girls are still in high school! It was fun to watch the girls deal with college woes but we can never forget there’s a stalker/murder on the loose!
1. Ali: Whoa, was not expecting Ali to act like such a hardened prison. Seeing her shackled up in her first scene was wayyy more Shawshank than teens in jail a la a Lifetime movie or something. She sounded like a creepy oracle when she told Toby that the real A was still out there and that they girls weren’t safe. And after the fireworks at the end of last week’s show, it seems like she is probably telling the truth. But then again, she’s been lying all these years so it could just be a part of her master plan. She did have a good point though, if she did kill Mona, then she would have given herself a better alibi than her brother.
2. Spencer: Having a lover that’s a police officer is finally beginning to haunt Spencer. After finding his family’s knife in Mona’s lawn, Toby was torn between turning it in to the Lt. or covering the asses of Hanna and Caleb, who have both used the knife. Instead of giving the Teen Wolf a try to do the right thing, Spencer and Caleb have taken it upon themselves to collect the knife before the police find it. I give her props for doing what’s best for the crew but did she really think that Toby would support her fully? I mean he wouldn’t have had a moral crisis about it in the first place if he was just going to destroy the evidence. So now, it looks like this couple is on the outs again. And to top if off, they fought while she was wearing a belt that looked like something a strong man would wear! Poor girl. I hope the artist guy that’s going to be rent their guesthouse isn’t supposed to be her new love interest. He was literally a sliver of the man Cadet Toby is.
3. Aria: “The rest of you will be at sorority rush while I’ll be picking up trash in Rosewood.” For once, I’m actually feeling some sympathy for the bohemian Lolita. She didn’t get in anywhere for college, not even her slam-dunk school. Aria spends most of the episode writing and re-writing please let me reconsider me letters to Talmudge. Only problem for her was that the new admissions officer was Ezra’s ex. Awkssssss. But good ol’ Aria isn’t too proud to beg and ended up writing a detailed letter about letting her relationship with an older man mess up her academics. Why didn’t someone tell me that blaming your problems on a dude could get you into school?! 2009 me would have liked to know that. She’s in now, but A’s blackmailing her.
4. Hanna: Hanna is proving to be the most brilliant little liar, even Spencer is jealous about how many schools she’s gotten into. Serves them right! If there’s one thing this show has taught us, it’s never doubt a Marin girl. Her college visit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be so of course, Hanna decides to try find Holbrook. Instead, it looks like she visited extras from “Deliverance” on her investigation. Whoever answered the door to the doublewide mistook her for Ali, proving that maybe their affair was deeper than the girls thought. Hanna then confronts Ali about her game plan and tells the other girl to cool her Machiavellian ways. She still cares about Ali, and it’s clear she’s torn about it. And now it looks like her family is more tied to Ali’s since her mom got her groove back with Jason. Talk about strange bedfellows! I don’t think anyone called that hook-up.
5. Emily: Look at Emily, being a secret chef! Well, look at Emily pretending to be a secret chef. Have to admire a girl willing to lie about her catering skills so that she can save money to visit her distant girlfriend. The best part was when Ezra totally read her by asking “did you even take home ec?” I remember taking home ec in high school but instead we called it “foods,” as if that made it sound more appealing to guys. Too bad she wasn’t a secret master chef though, and food had more hair in it than flavor. After fighting with the new chef lady, she decided that she was better off as a barista. Aren’t we all?
Random quote of the day: When that artist guy told Aria, “Wow, you’re a really good liar.” I appreciate it any time a show plays on its title.
Will anyone find out about the knife? Will Hanna confront her mom about Jason? Until next time! 

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