7 Things We Hope Happen At The Golden Globes Tonight


Awards season has begun, folks! The 71st annual Golden Globe awards are on tonight, and I for one, am totally stoked. I’m a sucker for awards season. I love the red carpet interviews. I love Ryan Seacrest. I love the dresses and the hair and the celebrities who bring their mom as their date. I love the teary acceptance speeches and the “good for them, but I should have won” claps. I love it all.

So tonight is the beginning of my most favorite time of the year! Last year, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler knocked it out of the park with their duo hosting gig, Jennifer Lawrence became America’s sweetheart, and Glenn Close got drunk. It was a free for all, and I loved it. So this year, I am extra excited and hopeful that the 2014 Golden Globes can live up to last year’s.

I am really pulling for some hilarious and noteworthy things to go down this year, and below you will see some of the hopes and dreams that we here at College Candy have to this year’s Golden Globes. Check them out Amy and Tina’s absolutely hilarious monologue from last year below and then a gallery filled with hopes for tonight, and let us know what you’re hoping will happen tonight in the comments!

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