Are You Moving On Too Fast From Your Past Relationship?


Whenever we first fall in love, everything moves at warp speed. We want to spend every single second with that person and we cannot imagine life without them. We’re “in love” and we don’t care who knows it! We date, we fight, we make up, we fall in love again, and then suddenly, the breakup happens. Things get a little hairy and we decide to call it quits.

And of course, you’re devastated.

Now, how long exactly are you supposed to be “devastated” by social standards? Some may say that if you dated for three years, it should take you a year and a half to get over them. You just divide the time spent together in half and you’ve got your grieving period. So what happens when you decide to move on after three months? Or one month? Or a week?

If you’re moving on a little too quickly, it’s probably not because you’re a terrible person and want to hurt them, it’s probably because you had checked out of the relationship months or even years ago and  you’re totally ready to start fresh. If you go and grab a drink with some friends and end up talking to a dude, you’re not moving too fast. You’re fine. It may be just a rebound or it might be another substantial relationship, it’s really up to you to listen to your heart and see what feels right for you.

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