In Honor Of The Season Premiere of Girls Tonight, Here’s Our Favorite Girls .Gifs


The 3rd season of the HBO show Girls premieres tonight! While some claim the show is racist or has already jumped the shark with that weird episode where Hannah stays with that stranger for two days (like, what?), I still remain a faithful fan. The show has had its ups and down, but let’s be real, it’s still a really great show with some particularly funny writing and some damn relatable characters.

I think every girl with cable has tuned into at least one episode of Girls and thought, “Yeah, been there before.” One quote might stick with you throughout the show or maybe a love interest that you wished Shoshanna would have ended up with (RAY!) has driven you mad. Some say that this show is the Sex and the City of our twenty-something generation, and I am not one to disagree. The show has even already been renewed for season 4 before anyone even gets their eyes on season 3!

Whether you’re a Marnie or a Hannah, Girls will take you on a journey through the lives of some pretty terrible people with semi-good intentions and little awareness to how ridiculous their lives actually are. So if you’re excited for the premiere like I am, then you’re in luck because I’ve gathered some of the best and most hilarious .gifs from the past two seasons of Girls into one amazing gallery!

Enjoy below!

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