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Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 14


pretty little liars recap

“Pretty girls up to no good” should be the tag line of this show, just sayin’! (Does the show even have a tag line? Or is that a movie thing…?) Anyway, as always we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what horrors will befall the ladies of Rosewood. Here’s what happened last night:

1. The problem with Ezra: Now that we know who Ezra really is, his presence on-screen is that much more annoying. He’s coming off creepier than ever as he keeps running up in Aria’s face trying to make him fall back in love him. We get his motives but clearly this one is too struck by love to know when somethings up. Not one to disappoint, Ezra turned up his creep factor when he tricked Ms. Marin into letting him in the house in which he proceeded to search Hanna’s room for Ali’s hidden diary. His lurking in the shadows is becoming a bit comical though. Ezra secretly listening in on a conversation should definitely be a drinking game if it keeps up the remainder of the season.

2. The Devil’s Diary: Not that Ali’s the devil but her return from the dead is pretty spooky still. Hanna reveals that she’s had Ali’s diary that revealed incriminating stories about all of the gang. But luckily, Ali seemed to know that her life would turn into a murder mystery and all the names were changed to protect the identities of the innocents. Except no one’s really innocent in this show. Hanna has something in this book she doesn’t want anyone to know because she’s constantly on edge as soon as she reveals her find to them. But then it’s revealed that Hanna got intimate with Aria’s younger bro, Mike, so it’s kind of understandable that she wanted to keep that under wraps. We feel for you, girl.

3. Spencer proves you can be fierce yet chic: Did anyone else find it amusing that Spencer told off Mrs. DiLaurentis is a cape? She was perfect parts prep and punk after she confronted Mrs. D about her inappropriate relationship with her father and suggested that she get another divorce lawyer. Spencer is really coming into her own as the most empowered member of this group. And let’s not forget, she’s balancing more on her plate than the other girls when it comes to solving crimes. In addition to the mess with Ali and ‘A’, she’s simultaneously helping Toby find out about his mother’s suicide murder not-suicide-but-not-murder death that has something to do with her psychiatrist. On top of all this, she still manages to have good grades too! Too bad she doesn’t trust her father and moved out of the house this week. The parents on this show…smh.

4. The girls play horror movie…again: This time the gang gets a lead go to the mysterious Busy Bee Inn but on their way their car mysteriously breaks down and they’re forced to go to a cabin in the woods. Didn’t they see that movie?! But luckily for them, the cabin happens to belong to Aria’s uncle and it doubles as a love shack for her and Ezra. Of course Hanna and Emily manage to get themselves locked in a storage shed but the other two are able to get them out with little difficulty. Seeing that it’s only the second episode of the winter season, we expect it will a little harder to help next time. On this show there’s always a next time.

5. Another post about Hanna: Usually, I try to have a bullet about all the girls but Emily is stuck in the doldrums this week. The only thing she did was wait for Ali in their “secret spot” but she never came, so Emily left the bracelet Ali gave her. Coool. Hanna’s still reeling from her break-up with Caleb which is totes understandable. You don’t get over a relationship with a boy with puppy dog eyes and perfect hair so easily. But because Hanna’s the best, another love interest pops up when one flees town and falls for another girl in trouble. This time, her knight is a charming country boy with a tow truck. We also have to give Travis his credit for getting her mother off on her murder charges but we’re not ready to trust him fully just yet.

Do you trust Travis? Does Ezra bother anyone else half as much as he bothers me? Let us know in the comments below! Until next week!

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