10 Questions Unemployed Post Grads Hate Answering

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Hi, my name is Katie. I’m also (technically) unemployed. This is true. I am working part time here and there. I also nanny occasionally, but technically, I am unemployed. And since this is case, you can guess how much I justĀ loveĀ talking about it–with my parents, with my boyfriend, with my boyfriend’s parents, etc. It’s awkward and embarrassing and yes, I get to wear sweatpants on most days, but I wish I was in some business casual gear!

The only upside to this whole “not having a job” thing is that I am definitely not alone. There are plenty other recent college grads who are in the exact same position as me, and we can all commiserate together. We majored in English and now we watch Maury every afternoon. This is our life, and we are trying to get jobs (playing X-Box) but it’s just really hard (online applications seriously take FOREVER). When I saw this video produced by Buzzfeed, I knew it was worth sharing. It’s so relatable to me and probably to many of you, so take a look, have a laugh, and enjoy!

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