Here’s How To Talk To Your Crush Without Completely Embarrassing Yourself


Fun fact: I do not know how to flirt. I seriously just kind of nod my head and laugh weirdly if I was ever talking to a guy I liked. I envied the girls who could flip their hair perfectly while smiling and nodding and being all charming. I was the girl who spilled all over herself or drooled or something. I seriously forget how to speak so I just make weird faces. No joke. It happened once, and none of that is charming.

If you’re anything like me, you know that deep down a lack of flirting skills is usually due a lack of confidence. Sometimes, our insecurities get the best of us, and we’re tongue-tied. We’re nervous and afraid that they’re not going to like us, so we totally lose a sense of the cool chick we actually are! So how the heck do we beat these flirting blues?

Thankfully, has the answer! Their sex and relationship expert, Caitlin has you totally covered when it comes to talking to your crush. The key is just to be yourself! If you keep it real and show your crush who you really are, chances are they’re obviously love you (because you’re awesome!) and they’ll want to talk to you even more. Victory!

For more tips on how to flirt and talk to your crush, head on over to! Good luck!

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