Ways To Kick-Start that Kick Ass Healthy Lifestyle You’ve Been Dreaming Of

CC’s amazing Becca is going to be motivating you all to keep those fitness resolutions by sharing what’s working for her…and what isn’t…this year. Tune in each Wednesday as she shares her thoughts on what makes a healthy lifestyle, what causes slip-ups and how we can achieve success.

I feel like every year something health-related is included in my New Year’s Resolution, and most years nothing comes of it. But not this year, baby! I decided that I, as well as all of you CC’ers who perhaps have the same awful discipline, am actually going to keep headstrong this year (and not just throughout January).

About two years ago I was on this awesome healthy high after just losing 30 pounds and running my first half marathon. Sadly, shortly after this great triumph I hurt my back, graduated college, got my first big kid job, and packed on all the weight I’d lost in the first place (sad story…). But forget that crapppp! It’s a new year and we’ve all got it in us to turn this bad-habit-filled, lazy, undisciplined lifestyle around! So, I hope you all join me each Wednesday on my little bumpy journey to a healthier life. I’ll probably be asking you for advice, tips, and feedback along the way too, so help a sister out!

What better way to start this shindig than by sharing my helpful hints for getting our new habits rolling (over all the beer bottles and empty Cheetos bags, of course). Here goes nothing:

1.  Create a vision board

Who doesn’t love a good craft? I love the idea of creating vision boards while trying to kick-start any type of lifestyle change. Just print or cut out pictures, words and people that inspire you to keep moving towards becoming an even better person than you already are. You can also continue to add to it as your goal shifts! That way, the statement piece will keep you looking forward.

Check out my vision board on College Candy’s Pinterest account, and share your own below; I really want to see them!

2.  Make a schedule. Stick to it!

I’m really sorry this one is so lame, but it really works, I promise! Some people can just go with the flow when it comes to their workout routines and eating habits. They know how to keep themselves in check and will remember when they need to be doing things. More power to ya sisters, because I am not one of those people.

Making a weekly schedule for myself really helps me stay focused and remember what’s important. Even if it pretty much stays the same each week, I like to write it down again, just to get an idea for how my week is going to go. You can make it really vague or really detailed. I like to write out what body parts I’m working out on which days and which specific exercises I’m doing.

For people like me who are getting over injuries, it’s a great way to stay in check and still feel like you’re being responsible for your recovery. If I feel like something is tweaking out, I can look back and see if I did anything really hard or new that could have irritated me. I also make sure to write in my down time, that way the schedule won’t really stress you out at first.

Here is the really cute FREE printable schedule I’ll be using!

3. Put inspiration in unlikely (and likely) places!

Tucking inspiring words and photos in areas you know you’ll need the most motivation and reminders is an awesome way to keep steadfast in your achievements. I’ve seen some people keep a photo of themselves on their desk looking their best and most in shape. It reminds them to not go for the can of Pringles when school or work is stressing them out. I personally love using dry erase markers on mirrors in the bathroom and my room. You keep your journey’s mantra up for months or change it weekly to keep it interesting!

My inspiration for the week? I wrote, “If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you,” on my mirror (Fred Devito).

4.  Take it deeper.

It’s important to realize that it’s awesome to work on your physical health, but eventually your emotional and intellectual health are going to end up being affected too. A lot of times taking control of your body really makes you more self-aware and happy, not because of how you look but because of how you feel.

I remember the first time I lost a significant amount of weight it felt weird to be in such an amazing mood for so long (I was used to having a kind of yo-yo attitude). As you learn to make more responsible choices for you body, try thinking about your mind and emotions as well. I am an over-thinker and stress myself out a lot. I’m going to attempt to meditate and maybe suck it up and do some yoga, I’ll tell you guys how it goes in future posts!

Since becoming a real “adult”, I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping soundly. I try to follow this sleepytime yoga routine as much as possible, and it really helps me wind down!

5. Train for something!

When I first got on a fitness mission I said I eventually wanted to run a half marathon. I printed out a Hal Higdon 10k training plan (seemed a little less scary) and told myself that after I completed that, I’d print out his half marathon training plan and keep going, and I did it! It was probably one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done in my life.

I feel like with all the awesome theme-runs and obstacle events that are hitting the fitness world, it would be a really great motivator to sign up for one and actually have a specific day and event our hard work is going towards. I like to know what my next event is, too, that way after a week or two of rest I will have a reason not to go off track after all of my hard work. Here are the plans I followed.

I’d love to hear from all of you beauties to see what works and doesn’t off this list. Post your vision boards and favorite inspirational quotes below! Look out next week for a post guiding your health through injuries, illness, and the occasional accidental hangover.

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