Mitt Romney Slow Jammed The News On Late Night; Do We Hate Him Less Because Of It?

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I woke up this morning to find that apparently Mitt Romney made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. Usually, this isn’t really news because most popular politicians will stop by late night TV talk shows to promote their campaign and “get that young person vote.” But when I saw what Mitt actually did on Jimmy Fallon’s show, I was confused and a little amused.

Now, if you totally blocked out the 2012 election, Mitt Romney was the Republican candidate for president who ran against (and got his butt whooped) by our current president, Barack Obama. He kind of fell off the face of the earth after that, probably due to embarrassment and a much needed press detox. He headed on back to Massachusetts and hung out with his people there. So when he popped up all over my Twitter feed this morning, I was a bit confused. I had forgotten this man existed! Apparently, he knocked it out of the park though.

Like politicians and more-serious typed news figureheads have done before him, Romney read the news to a slow beat (performed by QuestLove and The Roots, obvi) while Fallon chimed in with jokes in between. Surprisingly, I chucked. I giggled. I smiled. Is it a good thing that a man I once despised (seriously, despised…) was making my morning a little brighter? I couldn’t fathom such a thought, but it was the truth! I think there is some merit to the fact that he recognizes that he’s kind of a stiff and is willing to make fun of himself. So I guess, the personal conclusion I’m drawing from this video is that I dislike Mitt Romney a little less. And that is that.

Form your own opinion (or keep your opinion just the same) and watch the video below!

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