Keeping Your Fitness Goals On-Track Through Illness, Injury And The Accidental Hangover


After you get over the initial pseudo-motivation spark that comes with starting a new wellness plan (especially one being considered the perpetually doomed New Years Resolution), it gets super friggin’ hard to care about counting calories and waking up at the butt crack of dawn to beat all the psychos to the gym.

Everyday life beats the crap out of us, and it’s always easier for us to think of an excuse to derail the small amount of progress we’ve made instead of actually maybe not drinking that whole bottle of wine ourselves and not considering Frito-Lay its own food group.

The top three things that get me out of my health mindset, that I also always use as excuses, are injuries, illnesses and the accidental hangover. 

Now some of these things are definitely not our fault, but most probably are. (I’m talking about the injuries and accidental hangovers mostly, which will usually be tied together in some awesome, embarrassing story that will get told at your wedding.)

No matter why you feel like shit, there is one important rule to remember when on a fitness mission to become a babe: always do something.

Maybe you won’t be able to do the full hard-core workout you had planned all week. So what? Just go run for 10 minutes, do some bicep curls, act like you don’t look like an idiot while on the elliptical, do something…anything.

Changing your lifestyle is pretty much all about dealing with being uncomfortable to feel and look awesome. So, no matter what it’s kinda going to hurt and suck whether you’re at your primo 100% or not.

Here are a few tricks to get you over the shits (weather real or figurative) during a wellness journey…

H2Ohhhhh: Drink it, drink it when it tastes good and when you feel like you shouldn’t be peeing every half hour. People don’t realize how good it makes you feel and how much you’re actually supposed to be drinking. Plus, it makes your skin pretty. Cheers!

When you feel shitty, don’t eat shitty: When I feel like crap — when hungover or ill or depressed or just every day (just kidding!) — junk food is just beckoning for me. And I’ll be honest, I fell Ah-Maze-Ing for about five minutes while eating that bag of Cheetos and a Big Mac, but for three hours after I’m in hell. I try really hard to make nutritious comfort foods when feeling yucko. Try my favorite Chicken Avocado Soup recipe next time you hit the bottle too hard. It’s hearty and healthy and will take the edge off better than greasy fast food.

ZzZzZz: It’s important to know you’ll need more sleep, in general, if you’re pushing your body physically more than you ever have before. Then add even more to that when you’re overcoming other boo-boos. Additionally, getting adequate sleep makes us stress-eat less, which I really need to do right now.

Scale it back, but don’t stop! Unless your doctor says no-go to you Mono kids out there, I’d suggest not letting the fact that you have a headache or a runny nose keep you from getting your heart rate up. Usually, for me, getting sweaty makes me feel like I’m pushing the toxic virus out of me. I wouldn’t go full force, but definitely keep your body within its normal routine. It’ll be easier to roll back into your normal cycle when you beat the blues.

Pop some pills: Only the healthy ones! Like, the daily vitamin kind. I LOVE to take Emergen-C and Zip Fizz when I’m not feeling like myself but still have a full, busy day and workout to get through.

Let me know of ways you pull yourself through during the most annoying of times. Keep a look out next week for ways to gain confidence in the gym! You’ll be looking like Gabby Douglas in no time!

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