Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 17

pretty little liars recap

Fourth episode in, and we’re picking up the pace! So much happened on last night’s show:

1. Hanna learns to read: Before I start, I just need to point out that this was the best that Hanna has looked in a long time. Her hair was gently curled, her smoky eye just right, and that tan jacket and colorful scarf combo made her look like a heroine from a French new wave picture. We’ve seen her look hella rough sometimes, so kudos tot the stylist. Now that’s out of the way, Hanna decided to stop distracting herself with Travis (which better not be a permanent thing), she picked up the habit of reading detective novels. Pretty ironic since her life is a murder-mystery. But her new found habit brought on the best line of the night when Emily said, “Hanna please stop reading, you’re not a detective.” Hanna’s reading attracted the attention of her friends but also Detective Holbrook’s, who I forgot about. But how could I?!?! Why is he not in every episode and scene? She probably she shouldn’t trust him but you never know. When Hanna did stop reading, she had the brilliant idea to go to the dentist and see if she could get Ali’s dental records, which only led to her getting drugged and waking up to an excruciating pain in her mouth. Later, Spencer pulled out a tiny note lodged in between her tooth that said something about dead girls not smiling. No wonder no one leaves the dentist with a smile.

2. Mona makes a comeback: Four episodes in the season, Aria calls her a “cougar” for going after Mike…ummm,it’s not exactly the pot calling the kettle black but their relationship is hardly as inappropriate as hers is with Ezra. And last time I checked, MIKE ISN’T A KILLER! So, Mona’s doing good by my standards. It just so happened that the duo came together due to the new guidance counselor, Jesse, starting a support group at school. There’s no telling how serious or how long this little romance will last but I do enjoy the fact that it grates on Aria’s nerves. Upset Aria is way better than dumb-in-love-with-a-killer Aria. Back to Jesse though–he seems a bit off. Throughout the episode he keeps coming up to Aria asking her if she needs to talk or wants to join their group. His brand of therapy already seems a bit too pushy for my liking. This show brings out the cynic in me.

3. Emily snaps…again: I think that PLL has proved time and time again that Emily is an easy target. Leave the poor girl alone! She seems to get it the worst out of the gang and this half of the season has been no different. A’s playing with her mind again by breaking open the window to her room, which caused her to almost stab her dad with a knife. A also broke her car and locked the girl in the school after she was supposed to meet Ezra there to discuss working on the school play. What convenient timing. Locking her inside the school was a bit genius though, especially when she say the giant electric board that read “Be normal bitch.” It’s crazy to think how all of this is coming from a man. He’s channeling his inner Regina George for sure. And on top of it all, she finds out that her dad has some major health problems. Why the writers got to do her like this? And she doesn’t know where she’s going to college!

4. Spencer becomes an after-school special: While Hanna was busy looking her best, Spencer looked like hell warmed over. And by the end of the episode she looks like an extra from The Walking Dead. The stress over Toby and Emily not speaking to her led Spencer to not forgo general hygiene and grooming and space out on all her responsibilities. Somehow, she still managed to be quite the seductress when she invited  her smarty pants nemesis, Andrew, over . Everything she said to him was all come hither sexy when all she really wanted was his Adderall. Let’s see how long this goes on for. 

5. Boysenberry pie and beer, dessert of a killer: I’m not quite sure what a boysenberry is but apparently it’s Ezra’s favorite thing to eat at a bar (because people do that, eat pie at a bar). After reading one of the stories from Ali’s fictionalized true life diary, Spencer finds out that “Board Shorts” liked to eat that particular snack. Even though she looked a hot mess, Spencer’s mind is still in top working order. She goes to the bar Ali and her secret man used to hang out at, only to find Ezra there eating boysenberry pie sans beer. She thinks nothing of it but after he leaves the waitress brings her the beer he ordered before he left…”Board Shorts” beer! Ding, ding, ding! First major clue that Ezra is the worst.

Do you think Spencer will tell what the others what she found? Is there something going on with the new counselor? Until next time!

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