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Make Sochi Less Sucky With Our “True Olympian” Drinking Game


True Olympian2

We all know that the Winter Olympics don’t hold a candle to the summer games. It’s like the summer games are beautiful Cinderella and the winter games are the ugly stepsisters. It’s not the winter games’ fault that people would rather see hot-bodied athletes practically naked in the sun instead of fully clothed people reminding us of how cold it is outside. That being said, we created a drinking game to make the winter games a little more exciting.

First, pick three countries to follow throughout the games. These are your teams, since not every country¬†competes in every event. You want to make sure you have someone to root for. To make it a little more exciting, go with three different sized countries; one big, one medium, one small. Here’s how the game works…

Necessary items:



More beer.

Opening Ceremony: Since the competition hasn’t started yet, this is a free-for-all.

+1 shot of vodka every time they mention Russia’s political prisoners

+3 swigs of beer every time they mention the temperature

+Chug your beer for every time your smallest nation appears on screen

+1 shot every time Russia is mentioned as an ice skating powerhouse

During the Games:

+Assign 3 shots if your athlete finishes in first, 2 shots if your athlete finishes second, and 1 shot if your athlete is third

+Chug a beer if an athlete on your team is injured

+Lead a waterfall for however long you like if your team beats a rival

+Take a shot if your team loses to a rival

+Assign three shots if your team was an underdog but won a medal

+Chug for ten seconds if your team doesn’t place

Closing Ceremonies:

+Assign 5 shots if you had the overall winningest teams

+Chug a beer if you had the overall losingest teams

Take this opportunity to run around with your team’s flag at the end. You deserve it.

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