18 of the Most BS Lines To Break Up With [Dude's List]

There are totally good and valid reasons to break up. Two people just don’t click and it is better for both of them to go their separate ways. In general, it’s not always about the fact you’re breaking up but about HOW you break up with them. There’s the honest to goodness truth and then there’s the BS he/she will give you to make themselves feel like the good guy in the situation. Here’s a list of some of the BS lines. These aren’t all of them but all I could fit before this article became a novella. [NOTE: In honor of this article, enjoy our gallery featuring 18 women who could totally kick the ass of any d-bag that would dare use one of these lines on them.]

Whew. I feel like we’ve accomplished a little out of this, don’t you? Let out a little frustration. Maybe we even took a step on the path to healing. These are just the BS break up lines I was able to scour around and find. What are some of the ones you’ve had to deal with? Sound off in the comments below and keep this in mind: you’re better off without these people.
No maybes, don’t call me,
The Dude
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