10 Winter Olympic Athletes We Have Girl Crushes On


So I know that every straight woman in the world loves to drool over the male athletes during the Olympics, but what about all the hot female athletes? Like I get that Michael Phelps has a bangin’ bod and that Shaun White is cool and sexy in like a nerdy way, but there are tons of female athletes who not only can keep up with the boys but look really great while doing it.

As I’ve been watching this year’s Olympic games, I’ve been really pleased to see tons of females bringing home medals and standing their ground is their respective olympic sport. Take Jamie Anderson for example, she’s going to definitely medal in snowboarding and she has that spunky charisma that is sure to win over all the hearts of not only America but the world. And then there’s Eve Muirhead. The curler has become a star athlete for the Brits, and she’s only 23 to boot!

This Winter Olympics is filled with lovely ladies who there to get some gold and get ‘er done! And we’re excited to watch! Check out the gallery below to see what other female olympic athletes made the cut of our girl crush list!

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