If You Haven’t Heard of Russian Figure Skater Yulia Lipnitskaia, You’re Doing It Wrong


My jaw is still on the floor after watching 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaia compete in the women’s short program earlier this weekend. Homegirl did an amazing job. It wasn’t anything over the top or super fancy with a bunch of jumps, but she can spin like I’ve never seen a figure skater spin before. Her flexibility and speed are something to definitely watch out for. And she’s only fifteen years old! In fact, she made the age cut off for the olympics by 26 days! Lucky girl!

This young woman could be the reason why Russia’s skating team is holding onto first place in the figure skating team event. It also helps that she’s so petite and cute, she could become the new sweetheart of the Sochi games, and I’d be okay with it! My heart is with Team USA, but after watching Yulia’s performance, it’s hard not to root for such a talent. Move over, Tara Lipinski (Whatever happened to her, BTW?) there’s a new skating cutie in town!

Watch Yulia Lipnitskaia’s amazing performance below!

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