Jessica Simpson Showed Off Her Post-Baby Bod, and She Looks Amazing


For the first time in 200 years, Jessica Simpson is no longer pregnant! She was pregnant for like an eternity, right? Right. So when a woman has been pregnant twice in a little over two years, she is bound to gain a little bit of baby weight. Jessica Simpson has gotten a lot of flack in the past for gaining weight, but she wasn’t going to take any of that criticism lying down. In fact, she was going to get off her ass and work it off!

Homegirl looks amazing. Thanks to the famous weight-loss program, Weight Watchers (which she is now a spokesperson for) and some healthy exercise routines, Ms. Simpson has become one hot mama.

Seven months ago, Simpson gave birth to her second child, Ace, and after a lot of hard work and a diet plan, she is looking fab. Simpson uploaded a behind the scenes photo from a Weight Watcher commercial shoot of her in a sexy black dress. She is just, stunning. Way to go prove those haters wrong, Jess! Do you thing!

Check out the amazing photo over at Celebuzz!

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