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Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 19


pretty little liars recap

And just when I thought this show couldn’t get more ridiculous, it jumped the shark and did last night’s episode in black and white like a 1940s film noir. Oh PLL, you are not that classy but I appreciate the effort. It was actually well-done and just the right balance of over-the-top and believable.

1. Toby returns!: I’ve been wondering where he’s been for the last few episodes. Last time we saw Toby, he was all mad at Spencer for not supporting his decision to stop digging into his mother’s death. Spencer has been used to having a lap dog but now Toby’s grown-up and got some bark in his bite! He’s basically the voice of reason in this episode when he tells her to stop acting like a druggie and get her ish together. About time someone has noticed her Walking Dead prep chic look she’s got going on. But more importantly, Ezra decides to drop the big bomb that Ali is still alive. Finally, more people are finding out! Ali seems to be constantly running around in the open all the time, so it took long enough.

2. Emily gets her groove back: Emily is the majorly underutilized player in the board game of their lives. She’s always just kinda there, until something bad happens to her. Which happens a lot. But this episode Emily’s smart and she challenges Spencer about Ezra being A; Spencer was right but Emily getting a backbone was the more important plot point. And she yelled at Ali! For her newfound confidence, Emily was rewarded because she finally got to get it on with Paige and it was steamy! Black and white implied sex beats in color implied sex any day.

3. Aria comes clean: I said it last week but I’ll say it again, Aria’s finally got a conscious! She finally tells Spencer that she’s seeing Ezra in the biblical sense again. I can just imagine that she probably had that Hilary Duff song playing in her mind as she revealed her big secret. Spencer proved to be understanding, since she they all already knew anyway but it’s nice they shared this moment in female bonding.

4. Ali is a stripper: Okay, they definitely didn’t say this in so many words or anything but the girl’s confronted her at a gentleman’s lounge this week and she was done up like a showgirl. I don’t think Rosewood would have burlesque clubs so I’m not sure if this was just done to fit in with the episode or if it’s a real thing. But either way it made sense! Ali is the biggest Lolita ever and she’s not in school or with a diploma, soooooo. I mean, how has she had money this whole time? I know it ran out last week but it doesn’t add up. This makes sense.

5. Questions: This episode seemed like it would be just a placeholder but it set so many things in motion. Was Spencer just high this whole flashback? Is Ali really trying to set the girls up  for something bigger? Why was Paige the only one with bad hair this whole episode? Will Aria have a mental breakdown when she finds out that Ezra is ‘A’? Will Ezra try to kill Aria next week? Where does Toby fit into this? Is Mona in on the big picture?

Overall, well-done PLL! Can’t wait for next week!

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