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9 Things Every Single Should Do To Feel The Love On Valentine’s Day


single on valentine's day

Valentine’s Day aka Singles Awareness Day aka the most commercial holiday ever — whatever you call it — is tomorrow. If you’re single, it can be a depressing reminder of how much you want to be in love, and suddenly all the happy couples around you are the worst.

It’s easy to become a love Grinch on this day, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of throwing a pity party, try one of these things instead. Before you know it, this day will be over and you’ll continue living your life that isn’t defined by your relationship status.

1. Volunteer. Volunteering is always a good way to boost your morale. Sure, you’re doing it for the benefit for others but it has a great effect on you as well. Pick a favorite charity or organization, or try working with a  new one. Doing something for others will get you out of the mindset that this holiday was meant to antagonize you.

2. Go play with cats and dogs in a shelter. What’s the next best thing to a significant other? Obviously, an animal! If it’s too much to make a long-term commitment to a critter, go to your local animal shelter and schedule a play date. The animals are always willing to give free love.

3. Pass on the love to a loved one. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be about romantic love? Take the time to tell those closest to you how much they mean to you. Send out little “thinking of you” cards. It’s always nice to say I love you.

4.Call your grandparents. You probably don’t call your grandparents enough anyway, so this is the right day to do it. Your grandparents are a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, so they’ll make you feel better about being single. Your grandparents probably think you hung the moon, so their sweetness is an ego boost.

5. Do something creative. Get your creative juices flowing and do something you’ve been putting off whether it be journaling, painting, or a DIY project. Once you’re in the zone you’ll get engrossed in your project and forget all about what day it is.

6. Indulge yourself. Get all fancy with yourself–buy some nice wine, get a good meal, and buy yourself some chocolate and fancy cheese. It’s the 21st century, you don’t need a date to be wined and dined. 

7. Try a new workout class. The idea of working out can be the worst but the after experiencing is amazing. Channel all the stress and negative emotions you’re feeling into movement and it will make all the difference in your attitude.

8. Babysit. Babysitting can be a nightmare but deep down most kid’s are pretty sweet. Once you win them over, they pretty much think you’re the best thing ever and it never hurts to hear that.

And if all else fails…

 9. Go to a bar and get sloppy drunk and sing karaoke. Because everyone is your friend and loves you when you’re doing karaoke. Just don’t get too emotional.

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