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Lazy Girl’s Workout: Stay Fit with A Quick and Easy Routine [CC’s ShapeU]


lazy girl's workout

Okay, so this is kind of an oxymoron because a) the words lazy and workout usually don’t appear in the same phrase, like, ever, and b) as a fitness instructor and your devoted ShapeU author, it goes against all my views about fitness. To me, if getting fit and healthy is worth it to you, then the time you invest in it will be worth it, too – if you’re willing to put in the time, that is. So why, you ask, am I posting a “lazy girl’s workout,” which seemingly refutes the need for motivation or hard work? The simple answer is: we’re not perfect, and sometimes our workouts need a little tweaking to make them, well, work out.

I believe Hannah Montana said it best: “Nobody’s perfect!” Realistically, its impossible to be on 24/7, and in hindsight, Miley would probably have to agree. Especially as college students, running ourselves down by trying to keep up with classes and school work, friends, family, and our ever-impressive and constantly-chaotic social lives (slash, I drink wine and eat Ben and Jerry’s more than any 21-year-old should admit).

Oh, and how about staying in shape? Of course, when we’re crazy busy, the first thing to get the ax is our early morning run or late night gym session. But just because we can’t stick to our normal routine doesn’t mean we have to scrap our daily workout all together!

Here is the perfect workout for anyone who is crunched for time, or just not feeling up to their normal routine! There’s a total of four moves, and it’s super-easy to tone them up or down based on how you feel and what you want from your workout that day – which is nice considering the fact that things can change in a matter of minutes!

Check it out here:

Lazy Girl's Workout

So you’re having a rough weekend? Lazy Girl’s Workout! BFF coming to visit, not to mention you needed to clean your room, like a week ago? Lazy Girl’s Workout. Not enough sleep to get in the groove of your hour-long spin class? Lazy Girl’s Workout. Maybe you have three exams and a quiz Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – not speaking for myself or anything (#nextweek’sgonnasuck). Lazy Girl’s Workout! Like the bend-and-snap, it’s virtually fool-proof. In any case that keeps your time in short supply, this routine will preserve your workout to keep you on track!

    I'm an AFAA certified fitness instructor and I adore my job. I'm also an undergrad studying neuroscience, and health and wellness. I love kickboxing and running (which might be for the endorphins). I spend way too much time on my hair, drink seltzer with every meal and eat pretty much anything made of chocolate. I love inspirational quotes and I'm a total cornball when it comes to my sense of humor. Contact me: @google+ @website