Your "Pretty Little Liars" Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 21

In the aptly titled, “She’s Come Undone,” two of the girls have a bit of a breakdown. Let’s discuss what happened.
1. And just when we thought Aria couldn’t get dumber…: I feel bad for Lucy Hale. I really do. She seems like such a sweet, nice, smart girl but she’s forced to play this barely thinking broken girl on TV. She’s suffering from the detective’s curse like those guys on True Detective, and she can’t see what’s right in front of her. Ezra thinks one them killed Ali but  there are soooo many flaws in that theory. Emily was in love with the girl, Hannah was scared of her, Aria couldn’t harm a fly, and Spencer…well, Spencer is probably the only one smart enough to commit a crime and get away with it but she wouldn’t be solving the whole case if she did do it…or would she? The one bonus of Aria’s sense of betrayal is that she snooped in Ezra’s ish, which led her to find his journals and a secret recording of Ali’s voice. She’s acting like a bereaved widow meets insane person but it’s more entertaining than she’s ever been.
2. Spencer’s a boss ass chick: Spencer makes no sense but she makes the most sense (if that makes any sense. But nothing on this show makes sense, so here we are at a standstill.) I don’t know how persuasive you have to be a teenage druggie but still manage to persuade your parents to let you wean yourself on drugs but somehow this girl did it. ABC Family, I think you’re doing the whole PSA thing wrong. And wasn’t it about time for someone to tell her she looked like crap! I’m glad it was the hair god, Toby. He’s looking more clean cut just as she’s looking like someone in a lady’s prison. She falls down the rabbit hole after she finds out that Ms. DiLaurentis and her father covered up that she threatened to hit Ali with a shovel the night of her disappearance. She was actually kind of terrifying as she confronted Ms. D. Like straight out of a horror movie scary. If this doesn’t work out, Troian Bellasario has another calling.
3. Hanna and her boys: After week’s with no eye-candy, they hit us with a one-two punch on both Travis and Officer Sexy Holbrook. She does something where she tries to help Travis in court but honestly, it wasn’t that exciting. Her plot line seemed like a good time to just stare at the beautiful people on-screen and zone out for a moment. With everyone else acting like a crazy face, a girl needs a bit of a recovery moment. I did snap back to attention when Hanna tried to kiss Holbrook and he shut her down, thank god. This means he is a normal, not creepy older guy whose trying to catch a charge like every other man on this show. But I give it a few more episodes before he breaks down.
4. Emily got a plot line!: Remember that wad of cash she got for a Ali? Well, she finally tried to send it to Ali, or rather “A.D. Incorporated.” The wad of singles in her purse makes Paige suspicious, so she tracks her down and confronts her about where the money came from. Because Paige is the only normal person on this show, she’s worried about Emily, which leads Emily to tell her that Ali is still alive. Understandably, Paige wants her to leave Ali alone, which will never happen. But they’re the best couple on this show so hopefully, Emily doesn’t let her obsession ruin them. I wish them the best.
5. Aria tries to confess her dirty, shameful love for Ezra…: In a fit of tremendous rage for such a little person, Aria tries to confess her affair with Ezra to the principal after finding out that Ezra has a book deal with Random House. She struts her little self to the principal’s house before Hanna stops her and makes her think about the consequences of turning him in. Ummm who cares if he goes to jail? He’s the worst, and he shouldn’t get a book deal for seducing a 16 year-old girl. Like everyone could be a great detective if their suspects were teenage girls. Instead of ratting him out, she runs away after telling both Hanna and Emily to get the hell out of her way. Glad she got a backbone.
Only three more episodes left until the finale! Until next time!
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