Burn 500 Calories With Yoga! [CC's ShapeU]

I don’t know about you, but in addition to feeling 22 (for a week now), I’ve been EXTREMELY stressed these last few days! Sure it’s still early in the week, meaning I should still be reaping the benefits of the God-send that is the weekend, but, let’s be real, I did all but relax. Luckily, this week’s fit-fix is an awesome, calorie-burning yoga routine – yes, yoga! And get this, you’ll burn over 500 calories and still feel relaxed and more centered, ready to take on the week! 
Unfortunately for us college girls, if we’re not taking our work home with us and staying in Saturday night because we’re swamped with assignments, we’re out either partying or hanging with friends/significant others with about zero regard for our much needed R&R. And in the blink of an eye, it’s Monday again, everything starts back up, and we soon realize why we ever considered the fleeting thought of taking a break to be a good idea. That is why a yoga routine is a great addition to any workout plan! It’s basically the best idea since the idea about resting you ignored not so long ago!
What’s great about yoga is that it won’t completely tire you out, especially with all the transitions from one move to the next, each muscle group gets a nice break and you get a chance to re-energize. But don’t get me wrong, you will definitely be feeling it when you’re done, except it will be in the best, most relaxing way possible. Elongate your muscles, stretch and release the tension in your limbs, and rejuvenate the energy you lost this weekend!
Here’s the routine:

The routine is designed so you start and end every add-on circuit with the “sun salutation” series, and each full sequence will take about 15 minutes! Try to do the full sequence 4 to 5 times, but as always, feel free to mix it up: repeat a series, or add on your own favorite yoga circuits to customize your workout! And don’t forget to relax and enjoy the calm of working out with yoga!

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