GIRLS Recap: Season 3, Episode 10 ‘Role Play’ [A Bro’s Thoughts]

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Hannah and Adam are finally hitting the skids, Marnie is kind of getting seduced, and Felicity Jones makes a guest spot in what is arguably the most well-rounded episode of Girls Season 3 yet. Every character gets equal amount of screen-time, every storyline is self contained without interacting with each other, and while there doesn’t seem like an endgame yet for this season, there are definitely threads pointing to a conclusion.

In Which Hannah & Adam Roleplay And Adam Shows His Soul (I Think That’s Something Alex Would Say)

Adam has some seriously quotable/GIFable moments in this episode. His ‘The Fuck?!’ when Hannah reveals her blonde wig and his ‘You look like a Christmas tree!’ when Hannah shows off her weird as fuck underwear come to mind. Adam, finally giving into the fact that he is trying to make a real attempt at something with this Broadway play, is fed up with Hannah’s neurosis and leaves her at the end of the episode. The buildup to this, where Hannah gets super drunk with her work friends, barges in on one of Adam’s rehearsals, essentially fakes sex for Adam and then admits it to him is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. After the majority of this season, I can’t blame him.

Adam’s sincerity in his separation from Hannah is so brutal that it really is what Hannah deserves after all this time. She creates this space in her own head where all this drama is happening, when really; it’s nothing. All she needs to do is focus on herself, be herself, and Adam will love her regardless. Her effort to try and examine everything to a microscopic level and then freak out over it has finally gotten the best of Adam as he really tries for something for himself after being so supportive towards Hannah for so long. It’s a major thread to follow up on next episode, where frankly, I hope there’s a time jump of some sort to show how long Adam was willing to stay apart from Hannah for himself.


In Which Shoshanna Stages A Halfway Intervention

Long story short, I love Felicity Jones. She’s a major celebrity crush of mine. When she popped up in the episode as Jessa’s junkie friend’s daughter, I was genuinely surprised. While there was a major plot concerned with Jessa needed help again after relapsing, I didn’t really care because I just wanted more Felicity Jones. Yeah, my thirst is that real. Deal with it. I was kind of obsessed with Shoshanna’s hairstyle though in the restaurant. That was dope, too.

In Which Marnie Is Probably Going To Become ‘The Other Woman’

Marnie starting an affair is kind of just what she needs, right? Lord knows the girl couldn’t handle another relationship right now, but the attention and sneaking around (as preluded with Ray) might be something she gets a kick out of. While being an assistant for a 24 year old opening her own gallery isn’t the dream job, at least she’s back out there. Coming from Ray’s brutal honesty, you’ve got to give it to Marnie for keeping it together. She could’ve fallen apart again like last season and we could have been rehashing story, but instead she’s still going. That’s kind of cool.

Other than that, we’ve definitely got some plots for the final 2 episodes. I’m personally ready for a time jump post-Adam & Hannah break-up, but we’ll probably have to deal with Hannah falling into a dark depression and maybe her OCD coming back for a bit. That’s the predictable route, right? Marnie’s going to start an affair and Shoshanna will maybe graduate college? That’s all pretty standard, but hopefully will be made interesting.

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