Spring ShapeUp: 6 Tips to Stay Fit and Safe During Spring Break [CC's ShapeU]

Spring Break is an awesome time for everyone who gets to experience it…well duh. But aside from the partying and non-stop bestie bonding, and regardless of where you go or what you do, you’re doing something (or going somewhere) that doesn’t involve class, work, or annoying assignments! Maybe you aren’t exactly headed to a tropical hot spot, you’re at least getting some much needed time away from your stressful and tired-out routine. Unfortunately, a break from our routine may sometimes bring us to give up the workouts we’ve religiously included in our day! Let’s be honest, if exercising and getting in shape wasn’t a priority before, for a lot of our spring break preparations it miraculously became one! And hey, no shame in that when you’re doing good things for your body and improving your health (and confidence, too). The real issue is with ditching our healthy habits for some severely unhealthy ones both during and post-spring break festivities. So to help not only keep you on track, but also avoid some not-so-great situations that plenty of spring breakers fall into, here are some tips on staying healthy, fit, and safe during spring break! Incorporate Your Workout Into Your Vaycay! This may sound bizarre, but your spring vacation isn’t just a vacation from work and school: it can be a vacation from a stale workout routine! Try a class at your hotel or resort, go for a beach run with friends and explore the shoreline of your exotic destination, or even try out excursions suggested by the concierge! This will definitely spice up your routine, and help you stay on track with your fitness goals, even after spring break is over (sad thought, I know). Take Your Fitness To Go Not ready to give up your fitness routine? Maybe you’re training for a run and need to stay on schedule – either way, a change of scenery will boost your energy and keep your workouts interesting. Keep with your old routine and adapt it to fit your spring break schedule! And if you’re looking for short workouts to add in during times you’re free, check out the Tone It Up YouTube page here! Not only are these workout videos effective, they’re short and easy to do in a small amount of time, and can work anywhere! Most of them are also shot on a beach, making them a great choice to keep with the feeling of spring break! Stay Hydrated It’s super easy to get dehydrated in the warmer weather of some vacation spots! Add in the chance of not eating regularly, and drinking heavily, and you’re on your way to serious dehydration, or getting a little too tipsy off those Coconut Jimmy’s (be advised: suuuuuper strong). To avoid being the party pooper because you’re too drunk, or missing surf sessions because you got overheated and needed to cool off in the hotel room, drink non-alcoholic fluids as throughout the day, and eat regularly to stay nourished! Stick with Friends We’re past the buddy system, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep an eye on each other! Be responsible, and don’t let your awesome time be overshadowed (God forbid) by unexpected events that can be avoided if you play it safe. Enjoy yourself, but let friends know where you’re going! Going for a run? Stay within the resort grounds, and in areas where you know you’ll be safe. Splurge on Food It’s nice to think that you can keep a super-healthy diet when on spring break, but chances are, for us mere mortals, temptation will come knocking! Don’t stress! Enjoy the awesome food, even if you stick to healthy options most of the time! Totally restricting yourself will make you crave all the amazing food you’re seeing! A great way to maintain healthy choices and still enjoy the different cuisines is to decide to go all-out for one meal a day! You’ll splurge, but won’t feel guilty about it! Protect Your Skin Wear sunblock and avoid the oils without SPF. An SPF under 15 does little to protect your skin! Trust me babe, you’ll be soaking up the sun for days – a little at a time is the way to go, so you get a healthy, be achy glow without burning and harming your precious skin (think of the wrinkles you can avoid). Have a fun, healthy and safe spring break!