Most Empowered Women In TV History: Part 2 [Dude's List]

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! Last time on the Dude’s List I shared with you a list of the most empowered female characters in the history of the formerly slanged “boob tube,” otherwise now known as the center of our daily lives. There was no way for one list to do justice to the incredibly rich collection of characters that have graced our screens for decades. So, in the words of one bad ass character who did not make the list, “Here we go, again.” Enjoy the second and final installment of these women who kicked ass, both figuratively and otherwise… We could go on and on and on, there still are some gals who deserve a place that there just wasn’t room for this time around. Hopefully, we’ve managed to touch a lot of different corners of our pop culture psyches. There are many worth celebrating and in a few years I can’t wait to see how the current crop of characters that take up 22 to 45 minutes of our week will fare amongst these that have come before them. Who’d I criminally leave out? What does this list say about the landscape for empowered female characters in tv history? What’s it reflect on where we are today? Get the questions and opinions out there in the comments below. Same Dude time, same Dude channel, The Dude