The Truth About Losing Belly Fat [CC's ShapeU]

One fitness topic that always seems to receive attention is losing belly fat. Muffin tops, pouches — whatever name you refer to it as — we all still want to ditch it! So many of us struggle with not just losing it but keeping it off for good. While some experts chalk it up to body-type, genetics, or just being a woman, others say there are definitely some steps you can take to work on burning belly fat!
There are many common misconceptions that go along with losing that belly fat you’ve had for what seems like forever. Specific workout plans, certain diets and other miraculous remedies look promising, but when it comes to belly fat, there is no “end all, be all” cure.
And don’t fall into the trap of believing in those products that seem to be the answer to your prayers. There are so many products out there that claim to be “the cure” for stubborn belly fat. But I’m here to tell you to ignore those claims, because most of the “body teas” and “miracle pills” will do nothing but waste your money.
While studies show that diet actually accounts for up to 70% of your body composition (far more than exercise does) there are still other routes to take in order to lose that belly. In fact, working your way towards loosing belly fat is actually more simple than you would think – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!
Sleep, diet, vitamin and mineral levels, exercise and even alcohol consumption can impact your ability to lose inches from your midsection! While these may not be the easiest changes (yes wine and margarita lovers, I feel your pain), they are certainly doable, and definitely much better options than spending money on pills, or worse, surgery!
Check out this post from SHAPE magazine for some great tips on what to do to lose that belly fat, and you can be on your way to slimming down in ways you never thought you could!

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