13 TV Shows That Went On Too Long [Dude's List]

How painful is it to watch a show you fall in love with just fall into an abyss of crap-tacular storylines? How heartbreaking to watch characters outgrow the premise and be forced to regress or become unrecognizable from the ones who lured you into their world? This is a list of a thirteen (with one major cheat that you’ll know when you read it) TV shows that overstayed their welcome on our screens. [NOTE: I’ll be dealing with scripted shows ONLY, animated and/or unscripted are entire other lists worthy of their own posts]

This list could go on forever. I never even touched the 80s and barely made mention of the 90s. There are so many wonderful shows that got renewed past their sell-by date. I’d love to know which ones you would have put on here. And of course, feel free to argue the merits of some of the shows I’ve called out.
Glued to the boob tube,
The Dude

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