Why He Just Texts (And Doesn’t Actually Ask You Out. Loser.)

Dating’s already difficult enough, but texting makes it THAT much harder. I’m sure that I’m overthinking it (like everything else), but sometimes it’s hard to maintain a perfectly flirty but not-too-thirsty text tone. You want to be funny, but you don’t want your jokes to err on corny. You want to use emojis to make your messages colorful, but you don’t want to appear as an AIM-happy 12-year-old. You want to seem busy and reply on a delay, but you don’t want to seem uninterested. Sigh. It’s just so much.
What happens when that effort applied to texting is useless, though? Because apparently texting buddies are still a thing. Someone likes you well enough – you know, you might’ve been on a couple of dates or even hooked up – but not enough to seal the deal. Your texting buddy probably finds you nice enough, cute enough and interesting enough to stroke his good ol’ ego, though. And let’s not pretend that the attention isn’t flattering – the ego stroke goes both ways. It feels good to be the girl who’s smiling down at her ever-buzzing phone. But single girls, listen up and take heed – if you’re in a textlationship, that’s all that it’ll amount to. It’s going nowhere outside of your inbox.
Late last month, Huffington Post’s Kristie Christie explained how she broke up with her texters after she entered a real, full-fleged, adult relationship (which must be nice). She profiled the various rotation of men within her phone – eHarmony guy, never-asked-her-out-on-a-real-date guy, high school crush guy – the list goes on and on. Kristie’s story has a happy ending – she ended up marrying the man that she dumped her texters for! – but the elements of her textlationships are all too familiar.
If you’re fine with dealing with a dead end dude, then text on. After all, there’s no harm in flirting. But you deserve more than a dormant dating situation if you want more. There’s no point in wasting time…or your texts for that matter, even if they are unlimited.
Read Kristie’s story here.
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