What’s #Trending? Hot Spring Workouts Focus on Fitness Favorites [CC’s ShapeU]

As the temperature finally starts to rise, (well, sorta – it still snowed on some parts of the East Coast, like, last week…) and the sun may even decide to, IDK, stay shinning, we can actually begin to consider taking our fitness outside and take advantage of the nicer weather to come!

By the way, I’d like to clarify that I am, in fact, aware it’s been spring for about a month now, but clearly Mother Nature is not! So to get a head start on our spring fitness routines, here are a few fitness favorites that you’ll be seeing a lot of this season! Some spring activities that have recently gained attention are definitely more popular than others. And as per usual, some trends will be staples that are fitness favs for good. But regardless of the goals you’re working to achieve or the type of fitness activity you prefer, try out any number of these to build up your own personal workout repertoire.

CrossFit Are you surprised? CrossFit has become a huge fitness trend over the last year or so! The cool thing about CrossFit is that some workouts or CrossFit-inspired moves don’t require indoor equipment: you can take it outside and enjoy nicer weather while still getting a workout that we’ve seen produce results and success! Just make sure you’re ready for the workout, and be sure to modify it to fit your goals as you see necessary! Get started here! Not sure about tackling the workout on your own? Join a CrossFit gym to help you get started before you take your workouts outside!

Intervals Do you get that intervals are an amazing way to get your cardio workout yet? Intervals are to fitness as pink is to Elle Woods, in that they’re basically essential, got it? No list of popular fitness trends would be complete without including interval training. And most of your should be sick of hearing this by now, but for anyone who isn’t, the benefits of interval training for your health, weight, and overall physique are amazing! They’re also really low-maintanence and simple to tackle! Try a tabata routine or this interval workout and see for yourself!

Body-Weight Exercises Like intervals, these too are a staple. But not only are body-weight exercise routines great for getting you into shape, they also require no equipment, and are far better in terms of functional fitness than some other, more complex routines. Here are some body-weight exercises you can do anywhere!

Surfer-inspired Fitness Now this is cool! Have you ever checked out a surf competition? Are you wondering why you can’t recall anything about it except the surfers in it? It’s probably because their bodies were amazing – and hey, if my professional career was centered around a sport in which I wore a bikini, I’d wanna look great, too! Because surfing is so multi-facitent, requiring fitness at so many different levels, surfers are in awesome shape. So, working out like a surfer will get you in awesome shape too! Check out this link to find out more!

Poolside Fitness We already know swimming is a great workout (thank you, Michael Phelps). But what about using water in a slightly unconventional way? This fitness studio features underwater cycling, a totally new twist on spinning that allows you to bike in the pool! It’s a relatively new trend, but keep your eye out for more studios like this one, because it’s going to take off in the warmer weather!

Virtual Fitness This is actually one of the top fitness trends of all, because it lets people access workouts they may not be able to access in a conventional way. While the big cities of the world have tons of gyms to hit up, other areas may not be so lucky! With this in mind, logging on to the web and checking out fitness routines from the internet is becoming more and more popular. It’s also extremely affordable, and again, most exercises can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. This trend is also close to my heart because, ehem, it’s what I do! Check out my shameless plug author page for virtually any workout you can imagine (Get it, virtually?).

Try out these awesome trends, get some ideas for your own workouts, and do the equivalent of a rain dance (but for warm, sunny weather) to wake Mother Nature up from her oblivious stupor – she may have been on Spring Break!

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