The Totally Official "Mean Girls" Drinking Game

We present you with the unofficial Official Mean Girls Drinking Game. I know, you’re surrounded by Mean Girls articles today but enjoy it! At least we’ve stopped talking about Beyoncé for a full 24 hours. Because I guarantee that you will somehow end up watching this movie with friends or alone today (or some time soon) we’ve put together a little list that will make watching the movie you’ve seen 100 times a little more interesting. Mean Girls is available on Netflix so you have no excuse not to. As the most quotable film of our lives, I am sure you and everyone around you can anticipate whenever someone says “fetch” or when Regina asks if something is a carb and that will make it all the more fun. Especially since you know you’re going to get so drunk your face falls off and you word vomit all of your crush. Print this out and play it. Remember drink responsibility! That means 21 and older and no drunk driving!!!