The 20 Funniest Graduation Caps

I never would have thought to do this during graduation. I certainly didn’t see anyone with these when I did graduate but it’s such a fun idea. I think by the time we are actually walking at graduation, we’re still coming down from that post-finals anxiety and then beginning to fret about what do after college—we’re so done. Most of the people I knew just didn’t care about graduation, so much as they cared about graduating. The ceremony of thousands of students (we filled up Yankee Stadium) was so impersonal and mostly boring. Graduation wasn’t this big celebration anyone was really excited about but looking at these photos I wish it had been. I wish it had been more of a nostalgic get together with a nod to the future. I wish there would have been more funny hats and more snarky commentary on loan debt, on how college can feel futile and how it’s so easy for any student to wonder, “Did I even learn anything?”

These funny graduation caps definitely sum up what graduating feels like.

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