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Do Guys Actually Think Catcalling Will Get You To Go Out With Them?



As a guy, I don’t get catcalling. I’ve never felt the need to do it. You know why? Because I know that shouting out something to a complete stranger in public isn’t going to get me laid. Seriously, there are no studies done on catcalling for two reasons: 1. There’s no success rate, and 2. It’s too STUPID to warrant that much energy devoted to it.

In general, guys who catcall seem to justify their behavior by saying that they are issuing a compliment. I never thought of a woman being called a slut, bitch, hot pants, kitty, or sweetass (one word), as expressions that show appreciation. I’ve also never considered harassment as a way of flirting. I’ve thought of it as, you know, illegal and disgusting. But again, I don’t catcall. Look at the effing word, for goodness’ sake!

You’re referring to someone as a cat. Which is funny because a lot of the people who catcall one could consider being total pussies. I’ve had the honor of watching a woman confront a catcaller and as soon as she turns and says, “What do you want?” the guy shut the hell up. So if guys don’t expect to get a RESPONSE let alone get laid, why the hell do they do it?

It feels like a power move. It’s a way to assert dominance over someone else. “I can make you feel like an object.” Or, really, a way to dehumanize someone else to feel superior to them. Which, we all know, is a chickensh*t reason to do anything. You’ve got the balls to shout out to a complete stranger, wow, that makes you masculine, right? Or, wait, no, maybe the guy’s just watched a ton of cartoon wolves whistling at good looking women walking by and thought, “That’s brilliant!” Whatever the reason a guy gives to justify catcalling, there’s NO GOOD REASON.

There may have been a time when catcalling was acceptable, but whatever decade of whatever century that was, it’s not now. It hasn’t been now for a very, very long time.

Guys who catcall don’t expect women to sleep with them. They don’t expect women to respond to them. They expect them to hustle away or act scared or get uncomfortable. They expect what all bullies expect: to be allowed to do it because they aren’t being stopped. Guys catcall to make you feel less than them. Doing that boosts their ego and boosts a group acceptance amongst other like-minded guys. Again, that’s their justification, that’s their mentality, it’s not completely dissimilar to a rapist’s. Catcalling is about power. It’s not about sex.

Cut it out,

The Dude

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