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The Paleo Challenge: My Attempts To Stop Stuffing My Face With Carbs And Not-Real Food



I know a lot of health and lifestyle blogs feed into the fad diets and then show crazy results from people who actually stick to them. I’ve tried everything from South Beach to Atkins to veganism. I think there are solid fundamentals we can all learn from popular diet trends. One thing I learned along the way is that one way of eating is not going to work for everyone. People have different likes, dislikes, activity levels and food sensitivities.

What gets super confusing for me is literally EVERYONE on these plans or lifestyles believes it is THEIR PLAN is the one to be on, they think that their system is what makes our bodies perform the best. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not buying it. However, the one thing I think we can take from the success people find from all different types of eating styles is that balance is our friend.

Although I love the ideas of sticking to a super-healthy eating and lifestyle change, I’m not sure if I can stick to just one for an extended period of time. I’m not saying I can’t because I need McD’s breakfast every morning or because I want a glass of wine with my dinner every night, more because I really love the variety of foods I can eat when I’m simply eating as clean as possible.

Recently I was looking into eating paleo. I have a very large extended family and a group of my cousins were going in on it together to support one of our family members who has lupus (a paleo diet really helps with lupus symptoms). The basic idea behind this eating style is for you to eat a lot like our caveman ancestors (one of the general rules to this is if you can hunt it or pick it, you can eat it). Basically this is a high protein, low-carb diet. Wheat products are a no-no. Some even say legumes can’t be eaten. I was a little pissed when they said quinoa was also a no-go, even though it is a SEED! Which you can gather and pick…dumb.

I really thought hard about this lifestyle change, and I really don’t think I could cut out grains of all sorts, instead of just gross white bread. I love really wholesome wheat bread with different grains and I love cheese, cheese is not negotiable for me. I do see the benefits of this after researching a bit, I just feel like because of how much I LOVE to eat and LOVE to cook even more, it would take a lot of the joy out of it for me.

Just because we don’t want to TOTALLY commit, doesn’t mean we can’t try things out, right? I decided that even though I’m being a little b**** about it, I want to get myself to experience even a small bit of the benefits that might come from limiting my “bad” food intake.

So, I’m pledging this summer to attempt to eat paleo 3 times a week. That means 9 out of my¬† 21 meals a week are going to be caveman-style. This way I can still enjoy some tacos on whole wheat tortillas with dollops of greek yogurt, it just has to be on the other four days. This will also help me work around those awesome summer BBQ’s and drink-fests.

I think challenging myself with this will really get me into self-control mode even on days when I’m not eating paleo. I want to challenge CC’ers to take on a small challenge like this during the summer months too! You all can adopt the paleo life for roughly 40 percent of your weeks, try to be a vegan, or even make up your own guidelines that get you out of your comfort zones.

Tell me what your own challenge is below!

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    Becca is a college senior studying English lit, French, and marketing in Naperville, Illinois. She loves a warm cup of tea and a great book, and a puppy wouldn't hurt either. She hopes to one day work in the publishing industry.