I Have Never Been To The Gyno, Am I Going To Die?

Help! I’ve never been to the gyno and it’s sort of freaking me out. I’m at the age where I probably should get my tubes checked out but I am totally scared and totally broke. I don’t have health insurance which has been my excuse for so long now but let’s get real, I can scrape up $200 to get myself checked out if I really wanted to.
There’s just so much that can go wrong in the vaginal region: poly cystic ovary syndrome, cancer, reproductive issues and I am sort of terrified to find out. It also sounds really invasive. They put that metal thing up your vagine, right? I have a friend who always cries when she goes to the gyno because they are so far up down there and it’s just overwhelming. Another friend of mine had a really rude gyno during her visit. The MALE-DOUCHEBAG doctor told her—and I quote—to, “open your legs like you do for your boyfriend.”
I just feel too self-conscious and fragile to have someone dealing with my lady bits which is strange because I never have any problem letting guys down there, haha. Maybe I’m experiencing some residual shame from being kind of a ho in college (I am a proud ho!). We’re all still brainwashed by that naughty patriarchy into questioning our desires and actions. I am wondering if I am a little scared that I’ll be shamed for my sexual proclivities since I know some of my friends have experienced that. There’s an entire CC post on awkward gyno trips that is not helping my swagger here!
Should I suck it up? My health is on the line here. Cancer runs in the women in my family and it feels like I am playing with fire a bit but I just don’t know if I am emotionally ready yet?
Help me out, ladies. Convince me! I mean what even is this?

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