My Secret Trick for Making Healthy, Delicious PB & Banana Protein Bars

People hate turning on their ovens in the summer, or even eating hot food for that matter. We all try to stick to the average salads and sandwiches, I’d say, and maybeee we venture out to the grill if it’s not scorching outside. With summer BBQs and parties just revving up, we’re all going to be grabbing some cervesas and hitting the sand. I am SO pumpedĀ for weekend partying in the summer, I think it is a rite of passage, even for us growing-older-every-minute 23 year-olds (don’t hate). However, staying refreshed on a Monday morning isn’t as easy as it is on a Friday night with your pals. We have to keep it profesh for our day-to-day grind routines.
I am a morning workout type of person, and when I’m done grinding in the AM, I have a little enemy that’s just started joining me called the post-shower sweats. I absolutely HATE it! I wake up, work my ass off and get into a nice cool shower to get ready for work only to be drenched in sweat again about twenty minutes later. I have tried countless ways of halting this cruelty from my body. I’ve stuck my head in a freezer, turned my hairdryer to cold and blown it all over my face, even just walking around naked for a while after my shower, nothing worked! That is, until my boyfriend and I invented an accidental refreshing recipe that may surprise you all!
We were really looking to make some type of morning protein bar. He wakes up ridiculously early to lift and always needs to munch on something before he gets to the gym. I just like food, duh. We needed a way to make our little protein bars stick together on the go, so our idea was to stick them in the freezer. I know this isn’t a new idea, but the unexpected side effect has made us turn to them more often, and maybe it will become a part of your summer refreshment routine, that is, when alchie can’t be involved.
Recipe for Refresh Summer Protein Bars:
1.5 cups of steel cut oats
1/2 – 3/4 cup of natural peanut butter
1 really ripe banana
1.5 scoops of your favorite protein powder (we used chocolate!)
3/4 cup almond milk (we used vanilla, sweetened but you can use any variety you’d like!)
1 large baking sheet
Aluminum foil or parchment paper
Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, I’d recommend mushing the nanner before adding other ingredients. You can keep adding the almond milk to mixture until you get it to a porridge-like consistency. After this you can spread out your aluminum foil or parchment paper onto your baking sheet. Drop your mixture onto this surface slowly, we had ours in a strange shape, which is fine no need to spread it too thin. We then put it in the freezer for about 45 minutes. We took out the sheet and cut the mixture into bars with a pizza cutter and put it back in the freezer for storage, we tasted it first of course!
I ate these little guys twice over the weekend while I was dying from the heat and they cooled me right down.
Give this recipe a try and let us know what you think below! Have you guys tried any great summer recipes yet, please share!
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