Want To Look Like Cara Delevingne? Read On.

Hollywood is a fickle place. One minute Blake Lively is its ultimate ‘it girl,’ next thing you know Jennifer Lawrence has ousted her from the top spot. Then Lupita Nyong’o sweeps in and snatches the title (and the Oscar) right from under her nose.
Who seems to have be the ‘it girl’ of the┬ámoment? I’ll give you a few hints: She’s got the eyebrows, the hard-to-pronounce name and the sexual ambiguity she needs to hold on to the ‘it girl’ spot for a while. We’re talking, of course, about Cara Delevingne.

While we’re on the subject of ‘it girls,’ let’s discuss the vlogosphere’s latest darling. Michelle Phan, beauty blogger extraordinaire (you might recognize her from the Dr. Pepper commercials) is sort of IT as far as beauty experts go.┬áHer videos are sort of addictive….especially this one, which will help you cop Cara’s buzzworthy beauty. Give this tutorial a spin next time you’re heading out for the night…and don’t forget to tweet us a photo of your look @CollegeCandy.

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