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Challenge Yourself To Drink More Water



I feel like I don’t need to tell you how important drinking enough water is. Your parents, doctors, teachers/professors, coaches, and fitness-obsessed friends probably tell you enough already. While looking for some helpful info for this post, I read a shocking statistic that over 75% of the US is chronically dehydrated! That is crazy to me! Then I realized this is because there are so many people out there who probably don’t even drink plain water once during the day. They grab a McD’s coffee in the morning, large coke at lunch, and probably more chemicals to gulp during dinner. I’m not saying it’s water or nothing from here on out, but if you’re drinking those other beverages, it’s even more important for you to choose H2O more often than not.

The people who don’t drink water regularly, ya know, the chronically dehydrated, don’t even realize they are thirsty. They are used to feeling sluggish and quite possibly think they’re hungry more often then they actually are. I’m not perfect, as you all know from my chronicle of flubs and mishaps forever cataloged with CC, however I DO drink a lot of water.

You seriously don’t realize how much your body appreciates it until you do it. Because I drink more than the recommended amount per day when I don’t service my body the way it likes my thirst is UNBAREABLE! It is so hard to ignore. One thing I figured out is that when you are chronically dehydrated that sensor with your body kind of becomes dormant because it is SO used to feeling deprived. When you are drinking enough water it is very sensitive and you’ll know when you haven’t chugged enough right away.

I really feel like this is one of the easiest ways to support a healthy lifestyle. This is something people choose to do more of when they are first starting out to get their mindset in the right place and start treating their bodies better. Although I do drink more than the average person, I need to challenge myself to be more consistent than I have been. On crazy busy days I don’t remind myself to get up right away and fill my bottle at the water cooler. I know challenging ourselves can prove to be difficult, but here are 6 ways we can use to help get our bods hydrated:

1.) Because we’re in one of the coolest tech ages ever, maybe, well maybe it’s coming soon, this water bottle from SportLine will keep track of your water intake and tell you the amounts you need throughout the day to keep you perfectly hydrated. It also paces you so you’re not totally bloated with water weight trying to catch up. This is perfect for someone who needs to be reminded to sip.

2.) You can also do like Cameron Diaz and prep your hydration for the next day. In my post reviewing Cam’s new book, The Body Book, I mentioned that she fills a large glass bottle of water up and set it on her bathroom sink before bed each night. When she wakes up to go in and brush her teeth the first thing she does is gulp down that ENTIRE bottle. She’s said in interviews that doing this literally wakes her entire body up and it especially helps her digestive system kick start in the morning. This is a great way to get your water count high early on in the day so staying hydrated seems a little less daunting later on.

3.) This one may seem a bit obvious but having a water bottle with you wherever you go is really important. I always have one within about a foot of me. I keep it at my desk at work, on my nightstand, when I’m running errands there is one in the car with me. By doing this I always have an opportunity to sip and it won’t give my body a chance to become thirsty, which means that we’re already dehydrated.

4.) This one may only be for the bros and the broettes but there are some who aren’t afraid to carry around a full gallon of water with them all day. A lot of girls write on the jug where the water line should be at during what point of day. I think this is a great idea, especially for people who are training hard for something and really NEED to get their act together with water consumption. I have a friend who did this and would simply pour water into another bottle so she could leave that under her desk while she was running around at work, that is an option if you don’t want people staring at you weird.

5.) Checking out the toilet after you tinkle is one of the best ways to keep track of how your body is doing. Your pee should be maybe slightly yellow or clear. If it is a deep yellow get some water quickly. I feel like this is especially important if you’re planning on drinking with friends. Alcohol will dehydrate you quickly. You’ll see a lot of  times that your pee is clear while drinking, this is because it is pushing all of the hydration out of you. You should be alternating drinks with water and making sure you drink A LOT of H2O after a night out to keep your hydration up.

6.) I know I’ve talked about food journals before, but having just a water log/journal would be super helpful too, especially if you haven’t really ever paid any attention to his part of your health before. You can even just make a section of your journal designated for this record. I would keep track of how much water you drank that day at what times, what your activity levels were, and then tell yourself how your body felt during and after those times. This is a great way to teach yourself if you need to add more to your plan. It will also get you to tune into what your body is telling you more often.

Try challenging yourselves using one or more of these little tricks. It’s amazing how great you can feel when your body is getting what it needs. Tell me  ways that you keep yourself hydrated below!

[Lead image via Aaron Amat/Shutterstock]

Becca is a college senior studying English lit, French, and marketing in Naperville, Illinois. She loves a warm cup of tea and a great book, and a puppy wouldn't hurt either. She hopes to one day work in the publishing industry.