There's A "Booty Wall" At Howard University & You Won't Believe What Happens There

Freshman girls are warned to stay away from it. Boys are eager to see it. Parents are concerned by it. All are intrigued by it. It is the Booty Wall.
If you’ve attended Howard University or know someone who has, then you’ve heard of this ominous stone wall alleged to be the gateway to teenage promiscuity and deflowered virgins. Located in front of the Harriet Tubman Quadrangle (The Quad,) an all girls freshman dorm, the Booty Wall is a designated portion of the ledge bordering the front of the building.

How did this ledge get its name? Its quite simple. When the air is warm and midriff shirts and daisy dukes are permissible, young ladies perch themselves along the wall while young men (and sometimes not so young men) gaze upon and approach them like a twisted mating game of Red Rover. If the game is played right, it’s a precursor to “talking,” formerly known as courting.
The tales of the Booty Wall are true to some level, but in reality it’s just a convenient spot to chill with an exaggerated reputation. However, as a former resident of The Quad, I am all too familiar with the another truth to the Booty Wall that people hardly talk about— the one that occurs after its appeal to freshmen wears off and they’ve picked their drafts for cuffing season gotten acquainted with each other.

What happens to the Booty Wall after that?
To the typical Howard student it becomes a landmark memorializing the fun of summer, but to the girls who live in the The Quad or have to walk by to get to the Annex (the other all-girls dorm next door) it becomes a point of exasperation. The “not so young men” mentioned earlier are creepy older guys that are too messed up to find women their own age, and it takes awhile for them to go away. Typically in the form of a party promoter or posed as an upperclassman/alum, these men lurk in cars with windows tinted so dark they should be illegal, to look at ass and prey on girls getting in late. Needless to say, they provide plenty of unwarranted attention.
Thus the Booty Wall is where Howard girls learn the art of the curve. If you’re unfamiliar with curving, think of it as turning people down. There’s the polite curve, the useless “I have a boyfriend” curve, the silent curve, the disrespectful curve (not recommend!), the mean mug curve, and most importantly the “I’m acting like I don’t hear or see you but clearly I do that’s I’m walking fast as hell” curve also known as the “Helen Keller” curve.
Watch this video starting at 6:10 for a more in-depth explanation of the Booty Wall…
Consequently, in one way or the other that wall comes to play a role in a Howardite’s life. As an anchor point in Howard’s social atmosphere, it is not entirely a bad thing despite its obvious pitfalls; and with a reputation as old of The Quad itself, the Booty Wall is an unofficial university landmark that will be talked about for generations to come.

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