12 Signs You're Dating The Wrong Person [Dude's List]

When we enter into a new and exciting relationship, we tend to overlook any signs for potential trouble. Any “quirks” or “differences” or things you don’t quite “get” about the person can easily be swept under the bed that you’re busy trying to break the old fashioned way.
“It’s been six months and he hasn’t introduced me to his family? Eh, it’ll happen when it happens.”
“Poor guy, it sounds like every story he tells he’s getting screwed by someone at work, or one of his friends, oh well, he’s just so sensitive.”
“I shouldn’t bother him with my problems, he’s in such a good mood.”
Yeah, then you look back when you’ve got the restraining order against him fully enforced and you realize, “If only I’d been willing to admit there were signs.” Here are a dozen signs to watch out for… NOTE: For your enjoyment, we have a gallery of the worst boyfriends in movie history!

It’s tough to pull the blinders down when things start off hot and heavy. You could be missing some signals that will keep you from being driven insane in a potentially toxic relationship. The good news? Even if you miss some of these signals at first glance, they’ll probably still be staring you in the face when you come down from the honeymoon phase. Don’t look for something to be wrong but don’t ignore if you’re gut tells you something might be.
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