I Love My Active Summer: Wanderlust Yoga Festival Is a Yogi's Dream [CC's ShapeU]

Alright yoga-lovers, omniscience-seekers, and namaste-sayers: this one’s for you! Well, really it’s for anyone interested in embarking on a new yoga-filled adventure. When it comes to being active during summertime, few events can hold a candle yoga mat to Wanderlust Yoga Festival. Its motto is Yoga. Music. Nature., but even that doesn’t cover the awesomeness of this festival!   
The festivals themselves take place in a number of different locations across America, Australia and New Zealand, and offer a unique mix of physical activity, musical entertainment, and spiritual inspiration. But it’s not just the yoga-focused experience that makes this festival so worth while, its the fact that Wanderlust truly has something for everyone! Maybe you aren’t a devout yoga follower, are trying yoga for the first time, or perhaps just looking for a change of pace and time away. From practicing different forms of yoga with well-known yoga instructors, channeling your adventurous side with outdoor activities, exploring what the local culture has to offer with food, wine and crafts, or even partaking in Wanderlust’s enriching lecture series on mindful living, this festival has something for you! With cool events like Wanderlust’s Mindful Triathlon in Brooklyn, NY (September 13th) and Atlanta, GA (September 28th), music workshops to go along with awesome performances, and, of course, tons and tons of yoga, this is definitely a must for anyone to have on their active summer check list.
Check out the promotional video from the 2013 festival season for a sneak peak at what Wanderlust has to offer:
Still not convinced? Here’s what people are saying – and doing – about this year’s festivals so far:
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So how about it? The chance to travel to a far off festival or hit up a local one close to home! Explore nature, rock out to amazing music, and practice one of the most popular fitness trends out there!  Check out the Wanderlust Yoga Festival and get your ohm on! #FindYourTrueNorth #OnlyAtWanderlust

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