Pinterest Food That Would Ruin My Health Kick [CC Faves]

A few years ago we published a story that is so relevant right about now as summer diets slip into predictable territory. How many more times can you eat a greek yogurt for breakfast, a few carrot sticks for lunch and half a grilled chicken breast for dinner? Memorial Day Weekend it was easy to say no to heaping helpings of baked beans and apple pie because maintaining (or still achieving) your toned bikini bod was at the forefront of your mind. It was all eyes on the prize mode, so you weren’t too bummed to munch on some fresh veggies while everyone else stuffed their faced with salads of the potato, pasta and egg varieties.
As we’re approaching the middle of July, however, the whole healthy eating thing is just so boring. Who even cares at this point! Those brownies look so good and omg did you see the cupcakes over there? SO CUTE! You want to throw your stupid steamed veggie platter against the wall and run to the nearest drug store for a box of Milk Duds.
It’s at times like these that we all need to collectively step back from the ledge. Deep breaths. Those Milk Duds will only taste good for a few minutes and you’ve worked half the year to battle your muffin top. Don’t give in to temptation. Instead, know you’re not alone and just succumb to a junk food binge of the visual variety…
For the past few weeks I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. I’ve been eating smaller, healthier meals. While I’d like to say that I feel so much better, the truth is I’m always craving more. I always want chocolate or cheese (cheese is my favorite food). I’ve been pretty good about sticking with the healthier eating, and I’ve found a way to kind of kill some cravings.
I go on Pinterest. For some reason I like to torture myself by looking at all the things I can’t have. It just makes me hungrier, but I love it. I’ve found a few foods that totally have the potential to kick my salads to the curb.
This post originally appeared from Jessica Zaleski.

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