The 6 Best Marathons To Drag Your Non-Running Friends Into

A lot of people choose to train for 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and even marathons to push themselves to get into shape. Hell, I did it. I trained for a 10k (not pretty) so I could eventually do a half marathon (even uglier). We all know running isn’t for everyone. Even avid runners say how much they hate running; it’s a love-hate relationship. It hurts so gooooood, as they say. I think signing up for “fun” races between the “for serious” races is a great way to keep in the racing mindset, and have really cute Instagram pics for people to get jealous of your babe transformation. I feel like ever since the ever-so-popular Color Run literally EXPLODED all over the country, awesome themed races that really aren’t that much about running have been popping up everywhere. These are great ways to 1. spend some great time with your non-active/less enthusiastic friends, and 2. maybe inspire them to hit the trails a little more often, even if it’s just to prep for their next 5k beer race. Hey, they’d get to the brew faster, right? Look at the gallery below for the 6 Best Marathons To Drag Your Non-Running Friends Into… [Lead image via oliveromg/Shutterstock]