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Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 5, Episode 7



We’re halfway through the summer season! Let’s discuss what happened:

1. Hanna on the sauce: We haven’t had a teenage alcoholic plot, so why not! With the stress of Ali being back, it’s sent Hanna reeling so after seeing Caleb drink a single beer to deal with his problems, she jumps to the hard stuff by stealing a bottle of vodka from Emily’s mom. It culminates in her getting too sassy at the dinner table and Emily asking her to leave. What a classy girl! PLL better not delve into another addiction story arc because we’re all still recovering from Spencer and the pills. Now, let’s talk about Caleb. He was great when he confronted Ali and called her out for being a liar. Those two as rivals is a good move. But by the end of the episode, I was less than pleased with Caleb of the soulful brown eyes and formerly flip-y hair. It’s soooo annoying that he’s all like “I grew up, I’ve seen some things” while he was gone. No, you fell in love with a dead girl on a dumb show. Those two should be together but he’s got to get it together. She’s gonna need her man to stand by her now that all the girls seem to hate her.

2. Emily, still confused: Mrs. Fields came back! I was starting to think they’d written her parents off. Now, we just need to see Aria’s parents again, there’s only so many trips her dad can be on. Beautiful, wise, non-hysterical Mrs. Fields invited Ali to dinner because she knew that Emily used to have a crush on Ali. But mama ain’t no fool and she didn’t believe Ali’s story about being kidnapped. Emily’s all conflicted, which wasn’t helped by A sending them a text about Ali possibly going to New York and Hanna not being able to keep secrets.

3. The love of the Hastings: Spencer seems to be having the worst time lately with her parents talking about divorce and Melissa lying to her. Melissa graced the show with her presence and dropped some wisdom (?) on Spencer. Spencer was getting all hysterical, saying something about wanting to find out what happened to Bethany Young and where Ali really was. Melissa says something like “no, it’ all about love!” as a way to explain why people lie to each other and do horrible things. Mmmmkay. This makes so much sense. I don’t think Melissa will be saying it’s all about love when she finds out that Spencer used Ezra’s surveillance equipment to record her. Mmmhmmm, not at all.

4.¬†Aria (badly) undercover:¬†Aria played spy this week and ¬†started volunteering at Radley to find out more info about Bethany Young. While she was there, she got intimated by Rhonda, Bethany’s old roommate. It was delightful to watch every time she got in Aria’s face about stealing the pictures Bethany gave her. By far the best thing said last night was when Rhonda told her, “You know what they do with thieves? They cut off their hands. What you gonna do, little girl, when you got no hands?” Yesssss, Aria whatcha gonna do!? When Aria did steal Bethany’s sketchbook from Rhonda, she found some sketches that looked like they were scary, mean drawings of Mrs. D depicted as the devil. She also had a drawing of woman falling from a roof, which seemed eerily similar to what happened to Toby’s mom.

5. Will the real Ezra please stand up?: Ezra seems to be reformed into a good guy, which is tough for me to type. He seems to be trying to help the girls and realized that he was a creep this whole time. He even helped Spencer spy on her sister! He was supposed to meet with Eddie Lamb, the hospital worker that left him one of Bethany’s drawings but for some reason, Eddie never showed up. Instead of handling being stood up like a normal person, Ezra had to get all psycho creepy and show up Aria’s house to tell her. He just seemed off. Still can’t trust the dude.

The trailer for next week looked so crazy! Until next time!


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