The Perfect First Date for Your Astrological Sign

Whether you believe in astrology or not, reading about what the stars have aligned for you can always be fun! Who doesn’t want to know what the future will hold? But the best thing about astrology has to be the romance aspect of it. The early stages of a relationship can be quite challenging and the first date can determine how long you’ll stick around. Picking the right first date has a lot to do with it as well. If you’re not sure of what to do on a first date, leave it to the stars!

Aries: You’re a winner in pretty much everything! You have a competitive streak and are energetic and naturally curious about the world around you. You like to take the lead and pretty much an “all-in” kind of person. That can be fun but make sure you’re not too intense on the first date. Do something like going bowling because it’s a good way to compete without being too serious.

Taurus: You’re a pretty practical person but you also have an artistic and altruistic mind. You value loyalty above everything else, and are generous with those that exhibit it. You’re an extremely hard worker and very consistent in all things. But you can also have quite the temper and are pretty stubborn when it comes to changing your opinion about something. You’ll want to build trust with a partner, so try something like taking a hike together. It will give you good insight at how well you work together. If you’re not into the outdoors, do something like cook together and you’ll get the same result.

Gemini: You truly thrive at being around other people. You’re a good communicator, you’re versatile, and you have a generally sunny disposition and outlook on life. However, even you have a dark side and sometimes you can come off as lazy and indecisive if you’re not around others that inspire you. A social situation like a concert would be a good place for you. You’ll be able to feed off the energy of the crowd, and wow your date with your spunk and charisma.

Cancer: You’re a bit of dreamer with a tough exterior. You value loyalty, and are very empathetic and intuitive to others needs. For those that don’t know you, you may seem a bit hard to approach. But for those that can see that you’re definitely worth the effort, you’ll want to ease into dating. You need time to get to know another person, so you might want to choose something a little more traditional like dinner and a movie for a first date. Or better yet, going to watch a sport’s game will give you ample time to get to know your date and get a feel for their personality.

Leo: You’re a force to be reckoned with! Leos are known for being vivacious and commanding a room. You’re not one to back down from a social situation, and you often find yourself at the center of attention.  On the flip side, you can hog the limelight a little and others could think you’re a bit self-centered. Remember that the first date is as much about you as it is the other person. With that in mind, something like grabbing a cocktail in a quiet restaurant would be a good start. It would give you the opportunity to talk without the distraction of so many others around.

Virgo: You are a go-getter if there every was one! If there’s a task that needs to be done, you’ll not only get it done but perfect it. Generally, you’re pretty quite but others trust your intelligence. If someone doesn’t know you that well, they may see you as rigid and a bit uptight. You should take a first date as an opportunity to show that you have a fun loving side, so do something like salsa dancing. You’ll ace the moves while showing you’re date you can loosen up.

Libra: Who doesn’t love you? You’re known as someone whose fair, rarely bothered, and pretty chill. People are drawn to you because of your carefree attitude but that can also make you a bit hard to read since you’re generally willing to go with the flow the majority of time. This could lead to others taking advantage of you. You’ll need to assert yourself a little  early on, so try for a more unconventional date like paint balling or playing a sport.

Scorpio: You’re a pretty self-contained person, so to others you may come off as aloof. This side of your personality will reel suitors in but will scare the wrong person off if you’re not willing to open up. But when you do open up, it’s quite a beautiful thing since you’re caring and loyal to a fault. You’re also a creative at heart, so something like a wine and design class is right up your ally. It will give you the chance to express yourself non-verbally without too much pressure of bearing your soul right away.

Sagittarius: You’re pretty much a free spirit. You’re honest, creative, and pretty damn independent which can be intimidating to some of your suitors. You’re kind hearted but that doesn’t mean you’ll suffer fools as a result. You want to date someone who can appreciate that honesty and fun loving nature. To keep you entertained, a good date should either be something cultural like attending a play or something playful and unexpected, like playing ultimate frisbee in the park.

Capricorn: By nature, you’re a leader. You like order, you’re determined, practical, and helpful. You’re calm, cool, and collected at all times, so you wouldn’t want a date that would take you too far out of your comfort zone. You can be shy or awkward or a bit of a pessimist when thrown out of your zone.  Something more traditional,  like a dinner date, would be an easy way to get to know someone without investing too much of yourself too soon.

Aquarius: You’re not one to be tied down! You have a wanderlust and like to explore the creative sides of life. People don’t always understand your flexibility and can perceive it as indecisiveness and immaturity. But you’re really an intellectual that wants to experience as many things as possible. Look for a date that’s a bit off-beat, like going to do karaoke or going to poetry reading. It will give you the chance to show off your brain and keep you entertained and engaged.

Pisces: You’re pretty spiritual, and drawn to things others may not understand. You have a good sense of self and like to imagine spectacular things for your life. Others may not always “get” you but they’re drawn to your mysterious nature and sensuality. For a first date, you’ll want more one-on-one time with a partner, so do something like bringing a picnic to the park will do the trick for you.

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