13 Worst Things To Say During Sex [Dude's List]

Sex is fun. Well, it should be. And there are a lot of dirty, sexy sex things you can say during sex. There are also a bunch of super unsexy sex things, or random things, you can say during sex. Which will make the sex you’re having feel weird. And just, ugh, weird! There are things you shouldn’t say during sex that’s all I’m saying. So to keep the sexy time in the fun column, don’t say the following to him… [NOTE: To illustrate my point, I’m providing a gallery of extremely hot guys for y’all to ogle. Even these guys would get turned off if you said the following things in bed.]

There you have thirteen of the absolute worst things you can say during sex. Memorize ‘em. Remember ‘em. Avoid ‘em. Learn from the mistakes for those who’ve ruined their sex lives forever. Once you say them, not even a TARDIS could help you undo the damage.
Happy Humping,
The Dude
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Growing Apart
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