5 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Complexion

Have you ever been at your local cosmetics counter, just trying on lipstick after lipstick, only to realize that your skin looks seriously sallow? Yeah, it sucks. Getting your complexion as bright as it can be makes a huge difference in your overall appearance – it makes you look healthy and gorgeous and well-rested.

So how does one get this radiant complexion of which we speak? There are several ways, actually. Let’s take a look:

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate: Find a fabulous facial scrub and slough away that dead skin. Getting rid of that layer of dull, old skin is the first and most effective step to unveiling the bright skin that lies right underneath it.

2. Invest in a great highlighter: YSL makes the most well-known version, but any good illuminator will instantly bring light to your complexion. Just check out this video tutorial to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

3. Understand your undertones: A cosmetic consultation is a great way to learn what undertones appear in your skin, as well as which colors will flatter them best. An easy (and free) way to do this: Chat up a salesperson at your local Sephora. She can likely help you figure it out and select the colors that will bring out the brightness in your skin tone.

4. Use a brightening mask. I particularly love Lush’s Fresh Face Masks to get the job done.

5. Hydrate: Water is the best beauty product out there. Seriously. Increase your water intake and prepare to be amazed at how gorgeous your skin looks. Unfortunately, booze has the opposite effect – it really dehydrates both you and your skin.

[Lead image via luminaimages/Shutterstock]

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