6 Killer Recipes for Shark Week

Full disclosure: I’ve never been a huge fan of Shark Week. It could be because that’s what I call surfing the crimson wave, or it could be because I had a run-in with a particularly terrifying one on a Florida beach. Unclear, but for whatever reason, I tend to avoid taking time out of my busy schedule to watch creatures I’m almost positive will be the cause my demise gallivant around my TV screen… until now.

This year Shark Week is back with a vengeance, which means that there are a plethora of adorable recipes and cocktails to create in celebration, which is perfect because I firmly believe that every occasion calls for a themed party. Here are 6 killer ways to celebrate Shark Week in style.

1. Shark Attack Cocktails

[Photo via Saucy’s Sprinkles]

The easiest way to pretend that sharks are friends, and that you’re not food? Drink up! Pop shark gummies into an ice cube tray, add water, freeze, and toss them into cranberry juice (with vodka, preferably). If you’re feeling more adventurous, try crafting a shark attack cocktail from scratch, and you’ll convince your friends you’re a modern-day mixologist. Combine pineapple juice with blue Gatorade and vodka, then add a shark full of grenadine for a sassy spin.

2. Shark Bowl (Hoo Ha-Ha!)

[Photo via Maxim]

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, create your cocktail in a fish bowl. Just combine vodka, Malibu, blue Curacao, sour mix, pineapple juice, Sprite, slices of fruit, and a shark gummy or two. You can even use Nerds for the pebbles in the sand. It’s the most beautiful hangover you’ve ever seen (fingers crossed you won’t have to see it again the next day!).

3. Sharks on the Beach

[Photo via Celebrations]

Sharks on the Beach has to be the cutest puddin’ cup ever invented. Even though it looks super fancy, it’s made with crushed Nilla Wafers, sprinkles, and fruit snacks. Equal parts easy and adorable. Better yet? If you’re feeling extra lazy (no judgement), make a Sex on the Beach cocktail instead, with vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, pineapple juice, and a splash of cranberry.

4. Shark Infested Waters

[Photo via Celebrations]

These shark infested waters are the only ones I’m interested in. Just whip up some Jell-O (easy enough, even in a tiny dorm kitchen), and add Cool Whip and gummy sharks. While making, feel free to add vodka for the most beautiful Jell-O of all time (feel free to drink some, too, you earned it).

5. Fruit Shark

[Photo via Kids Kubby]

There are so many options when building a watermelon shark. You can add alcohol and let it marinate inside the watermelon (I suggest tropical rum). You can make the base blue Jell-O (or blue Jell-O shots) for that ocean hue. If you’re feeling especially adventurous (and morbid), feel free to add a Barbie’s legs popping out.

6. Survivor Snacks

[Photo via Somewhat Simple]

Don’t feel like reliving your arts and crafts glory days? Make shark attack survivor cookies by just biting off a little piece of people. Sure, you can decorate tiny humans and use cookie cutters if you’re feeling ambitious… or you could buy some chocolate chip cookies at the grocery store and go to town. Really not crafty at all? Pop in front of the TV, grab a bag of Goldfish, and sit back and enjoy Shark Week.

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