What Sorority Life Would Look Like if it Was a Lifetime Movie

Let’s start this off with a disclaimer: I’ve never been in a sorority, and I claim to know nothing about what truly goes on in one. Buttttt I am a student of pop culture and Lifetime movies, and I think they’ve given me a pretty balanced view of what Greek life must be like.

It starts innocently enough. You show up for rush and everyone is so nice. These girls are your soul sisters.

You make it through the rush process and pledge and everyday life is like this:

And of course you meet a cute guy in the frat next door.

Everything’s great but you start to notice not all your sisters get along.

There’s always a queen bee:

And that one girl that doesn’t quite fall in line:

And then tension escalates because the house isn’t making their GPA requirement/someone stole the HBIC’s boyfriend/a hazing scandal comes out. Or a combination of all three.

And someone winds up dead.

That means you gotta get your Sherlock on. Which usually just means eavesdropping on the right people or having some scared ex-member telling you that there’s a bigger conspiracy behind all this.

That leads to you fighting some big baddies. You narrowly escape with your your life intact but thanks to your frat boyfriend or your true sorority sister, you defeat the killer.

You come out a better person and with the love and support of your girls. But you’re forever changed and no longer that naive freshman you once were. 

The takeaway? Join at your own risk.


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